4 Unique Winter Activities to Try

Winter Activities

Given how winter only comes every few months a year, it gives you the perfect opportunity to try some things that you normally do not get to do for the rest of the year. One of the things you could try is to participate in an extreme winter sport.

Many winter sports are actually incredibly thrilling and are thus a great way to have fun, bond with others, and keep physically active despite the cold. What’s more, is that it also provides the opportunity to go outdoors and experience the fleeting winter wonderland around you. With strong protective gear like the Arcteryx Atom Hoody, you are all set to add some thrill to your life by trying a winter sport.

Here are some of the most thrilling winter activities that you can give a go during the frosty season:


Whether you choose to go for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, or even freestyle skiing, this sport will always present you with some good thrills. The main premise behind skiing is speed, whether it be hurtling down the slope of a mountain or breezing by forest trails.

There are plenty of ski resorts and towns where you can go to give skiing a try. Given that skiing is one of the most accessible yet thrilling winter sports out there, it provides a great opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and have fun.

Ice climbing

If you thought rock climbing was hard, imagine doing it outdoors in freezing temperatures. This is a unique thrill that ice climbing presents. Scale different wonders of nature, such as cliffs, waterfalls, and rock formations, and discover some of nature’s majesty along the way.

Ice climbing usually requires extra gear such as ice picks and rope systems in order to ensure safety. Given the heights you are required to reach and that you will be doing the climbing in the open with a full view of your surroundings, ice climbing is not for the faint of heart. However, it is also a great way to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the thrills that life has to offer.

Winter Activities


If people ride jet skis in the summer, they would be equally happy riding snowmobiles in the winter. Snowmobiles were originally used to easily move around layers of thick snow when their own legs or even sleds could not do the job.

Recently, however, snowmobiling has begun to increase in popularity as an extreme sport. Thrill-seekers use snowmobiles to speed up and perform flips, rotations, and other tricks midair, similar to a skier or snowboarder. While the injury risk is higher given how heavy a snowmobile is, it doesn’t stop adrenaline junkies from taking advantage of the increased speed and the power that a motor brings in order to have a bit of fun in the snow.

Snow trekking

If you are not up for something so heart-racing, there is always the simplest option of all: simply going for a trek outdoors. Whether you would want just to take a leisurely walk or jog like a sprinter, it is a good way to enjoy the winter wonderland and get a good workout along the way. Because it is not as extreme as the other options and definitely easy to get people involved in, it is a great way to enjoy winter.

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