6 Camping Essentials to Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

friends out on a camping trip

It’s hard to go on a camping trip if you’re a homebody. You say goodbye to the comforts of your home. No Internet. Your phones probably won’t have any cell reception. You also might get irritated by everything, from bugs pestering you to the bunch of rocks you almost tripped over.

Contrary to your age-old belief, camping isn’t all that bad. You get away from the pollution of the metro. You won’t hear the cacophonous symphony of car horns. No work or deadlines making you anxious. It’s just you and the outside world.

Yet, for all the good things about the great outdoors, you’ll suffer if you go unprepared. The wilderness can be giving yet unforgiving, and you’re going to need more than your tents and sleeping bags to say cozy.

Don’t forget to bring these camping essentials to help you survive your camping weekend.

Personal Essentials

Nothing says memorable camping trip after getting an allergy attack, right? Always bring everything you need to live. From your allergy medicine to your inhaler to your insulin injections. Take anything that could give you a sense of comfort, like a jacket to keep you warm and a good pair of outdoor shoes. Lastly, don’t forget your hygiene products. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you have to go au natural freshness-and-cleanliness-wise.

First Aid Kit

Sometimes, the clueless homebody in you might trip over a large root. Or sometimes you’re just walking around and then there are cuts on your every limb. As soon as you or someone else gets injured or hurt, you’ll thank yourself for bringing that first aid kit. Always be vigilant even with minor injuries. Small cuts can get worse quickly when they get infected.


Don’t let yourself walk into the dark unknown of the wilderness. You have no idea what you’ll be tripping over or touch, from roots to small animals to dangerous plants. Bring lanterns, flashlights, or headlamps instead of depending on your phone’s flashlight function. These are often high-intensity lights that can help illuminate your path well or just light up your campsite.

woman starting a fire in the woods


Camping and ropes always go together. Trying out that tarp-tent setup you watched from a YouTube video? You probably need a rope. Need to make a splint for an injured leg? Get two planks and, you guessed it, a rope. Buy one of those military-grade parachute cords or paracord wholesale or by specific lengths. These ropes are strong, versatile, and durable for any use once you get the hang of them.

Cooking tools

Believe it or not, there’s life beyond eating s’mores around the bonfire. Bring your cooking tools with you, especially if there are many of you on the trip. Chances are snacks won’t fill up your stomachs overnight. Bring your pans, plates, knives, or what have you to make both cooking and eating more comfortable.

Cleaning materials

“Take only memories; leave only footprints,” said allegedly by Native American Chief Seattle. This should be the mantra for every camper, tourist, and traveler. Pick up all your trash and dispose of it in the proper places. Bring trash bags, brushes, dishcloths, etc. and leave the campsite the way you found it: clean and natural.

Sometimes, the things you see onscreen are more beautiful in person.  Make the most out of your camping experience, scenic views and all, by being prepared for it.

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