Beginner Terms for Beginners in the Rigging Hardware Industry

As you begin your journey into the rigging hardware world, there are terms you will come across from the onset. In this video, a lot of jargon is covered concerning the industry and on-the-job terms too. The first term to be away perhaps is OSHA, which stands for Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration. Here are a few other basic and common terms worth noting.

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Aside from institutional names, there are assigned names given to different personnel. A competent person is assigned a certain duty simply because they are capable. The certified one boasts some endorsement of working abilities. The other status is qualified, through knowledge or extensive training.

Let’s begin with WLL, for instance, which means the Working Loading Limit. Another important term is a Proof Test, for product strength. BTH stands for below the hook, meaning anything under the chain and hook. Load Test is a term for new devices being tested before use.

Fatigue refers to weakness in material, not men. It implies a loss of strength in wire ropes and chains. The Ultimate Strength refers to the average weight that the product can handle. Shock Loads refer to the additional force, hence extra load, after an impact or sudden movement. This is in addition to static load when a load isn’t mobile.


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