Beyond War on Weed: Lawn and Landscape Issues Homeowners Often Overlook

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If you own a backyard, especially something you’ve turned into a well-designed lawn and landscape, you wouldn’t want problems that will ruin all your hard work. But, as with anything else, you can expect some issues to appear from time to time.

Fortunately, some of these problems can be easily prevented if you can identify the actual cause immediately. If you don’t see any issues, it’s either you’re lucky or just aren’t sure exactly what to look for. Most of the time, these problems need immediate action.

Otherwise, you only risk making it even worse, which isn’t only detrimental to your actual garden but to your finances as well. Lawn treatment service companies can undoubtedly offer you help, and with their assistance, you won’t have to treat every single thing that comes your way.

Landscape gardening is supposed to be a fun activity, and it doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s all about understanding what you’re dealing with and what’s causing the issues when things don’t look right. You don’t have to be a pro to make things work.

With some resourceful and a good sense of timing, even backyard beginners can create an outdoor living space that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Here’s how.

Unnecessary standing water

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Water is important to keep your garden healthy, but an excess will make it hard to keep your turf and gardens in great condition. If your area gets a lot of rain throughout the year, it’s easy for your backyard to turn into a boggy mess.

When there’s water retention, it means there are low spots or excess run-ff which can be extremely difficult to drain away. Here’s what experts recommend for this type of drainage issue: place a French drain strategically in your backyard, if you have the right landscaping features.

Other options you can try are a dry well or a tiny holding pond if you have the available space.

Mushrooms that won’t go

It isn’t unusual for mushrooms to magically multiply everywhere across a garden. While this landscaping issue may be one of the most common, it can still be overwhelming, especially when the growth starts to seem out of control.

Mushrooms can be extremely challenging, even nearly impossible, to get rid of completely. If you’re thinking of using fungicides to get rid of them, you might end up spending some serious cash you could’ve easily spent on other areas of your garden.

These mushrooms are just an indication of a bigger issue – an extensive root system that is located underneath your lawn. So, to address the issue, it’ll take more than just pulling up those mushrooms.

Make your entire landscaping work to your advantage, not against it. Doing a full-on fencing isn’t exactly an affordable home project, and in many cases, it can actually affect the overall aesthetics of your landscaping negatively when not done right.

So, here’s an alternative. Consult with a pro and ask for options about creating a living fence. English laurels, Japanese privets, and other fast-growing evergreens are common choices if you want to make a lush green backdrop and enjoy some added privacy as well.

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