9 Business Security Tips for Closing Time


As a retail business owner, closing time is your opportunity to secure all of your merchandise and cash. If you don’t do it properly, you might find yourself the victim of theft or worse. Here are nine tips for closing out your register at night:

1. Make Sure Your Door Is Locked

You must lock your front entrance as soon as everyone has left the building. If you’re going through a back door, make sure to close and lock it behind you. Leaving an unlocked door open can tempt thieves to come inside and break into whatever they want — whether that’s your money or your merchandise. Ensure that the rim cylinder of your lock is not damaged or malfunctioning.

2. Don’t Leave Anything of Value in Sight

The more cash you keep on hand at night, the better chance someone will walk off with it if they get past your other security measures (physical or otherwise). Leaving bills on the countertop might be tempting, but it won’t do much good if no one can see them before walking out. In general, anyone walking by your storefront should be unable to see money or other valuable items.

3. Turn on Your Alarm System

Your alarm system can immediately notify authorities if it’s tripped. This can be very helpful when thieves break into your business or steal merchandise. If you don’t have an alarm system, you can call a security service to come by your location and ensure it’s secure.


4. Watch Out for Signs Someone Might Be Inside

While locking your door is essential, seeing signs that someone might have been inside can be just as troubling. You should take note that the handle on your back entrance is turned when you think you locked it, or if there are footprints in the snow outside when there shouldn’t be any. In either scenario, it’s time to call the police and file a report.

5. Don’t Forget to Lock Your Cash Drawers

Leaving money in cash registers overnight is an open invitation for thieves to walk in and take what they want – especially since many thefts happen at night. If your business uses a cash drawer with a lock, make sure you close and lock it as soon as you’re done. Never leave money in the register, even if all of your sales come from credit cards.

6. Have an After-Hours Security System

Even if you take all these steps and more, it’s still possible that thieves will break into your store. That’s why you should have some kind of after-hours security system to alert authorities just in case something does happen. You can call for passive infrared alarms or perimeter protection systems, which are some of the most effective ways to protect yourself at night.

7. Keep Tabs on Your Employees

The people who work for you are often privy to personal information about your business. For example, they might know where the money in your register is stored or what type of alarm system you have. This can make them prime targets for thieves — primarily if they work nights like when you close up shop each night. Make sure each one of your employees takes responsibility for closing out their sales and locking all doors when it’s time to go home.

8. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are an excellent way to keep track of everything that goes on inside and outside of your store at night. You can set these devices up both inside and outside so you don’t miss anything that happens while you’re not there. Most importantly, security cameras can act as physical evidence if someone illegally enters your business without you knowing.

9. Conduct Regular Security Checks

Simply put, the only way to truly know if your business is secure at night is by conducting regular checks of all areas. You should do this before you leave each night and after opening every morning – looking for anything that’s out of order or damaged during the process. This will also give you a chance to make sure everything in your store is where it should be so no one can take advantage while you’re not there.

It’s essential to be proactive about securing your business at night. The more you do beforehand, like locking up money and installing security cameras, the less likely it is that someone will walk off with what isn’t theirs. These nine tips will help you improve your business’s security while everyone’s waiting for the doors to open. By making these changes to your business, you can rest assured knowing it’s safer during the night shift.

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