Business Strategy: How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home

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Modern times have allowed people to work from the comforts of their own homes. Employees and employers alike now have the total liberty to work from their comfort zones or anywhere that has Internet access. Working from home, though, is not for everyone. Some people may not be able to take the challenges that come with working without a boss around, and where there is an absence of coworkers and a regimented schedule.

Working from home requires a lot of discipline and self-motivation. Without these important characteristics, it would be extremely hard for anyone to succeed in a work from home arrangement.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur that is having a hard time adjusting to a work from home set-up, here are some tips that can help you get motivated.

Create a Work Schedule

This will serve as your guide on how you should be spending your time. This may include waking up early so you can also start and end work early. Creating a schedule can also help you finish all workloads that are expected to be completed within the day. A work schedule likewise keeps you from missing deadlines.

Give Yourself Some Privacy

Dedicate a space in your house to serve as your home office and design it as you would a traditional office. If you do not have the time, you can hire an experienced interior designer to handle the interior decoration of your space. The right design can make you relax and increase your productivity.

Buy Yourself an Ergonomic Office Chair

Just like in a traditional office setting, your work from home set-up may require you to work long hours. Sitting in a chair for more than an hour can cause back problems, neck pains, and many other health issues. An ergonomic chair can greatly reduce the stress caused by sitting too long in front of a computer. It minimizes pressure on your back and provides support to your thighs as well. Basically, an ergonomic chair can provide you with posture support, hip pressure relief, and neck, back, and body pain prevention.

Have Some Lights

This is especially important if you are working at night or in an area where there is a lack of natural light. Proper lighting can help reduce the glare that comes from computer screens, thereby protecting your eyes from fatigue.

It is important to choose the right types of light for your workspace. Dim lights can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches. Lights that are too strong can also lead to eye strain. Soft lights, on the other hand, can reduce your stress and make you more productive.

If it is possible to have natural light in your work area during the day, open your blinds and enjoy its rays. Natural light can give you more energy and can increase your productivity.


Sitting all day every day can lead to problems in health. When you do not feel well, you will be less motivated to do whatever needs to be done for work. Exercising keeps your mind alert and it gives your body a surge of energy, which is needed to complete any work that you may have for the day. Exercising does not necessarily mean going to the gym, which can be miles away from your home. There are exercise programs that you can follow without needing all the equipment that gym memberships offer.

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Reward Yourself

Pamper yourself from time to time as a reward for all the hard work that you do. This is a great motivation technique for you to work harder. Rewarding yourself each payday can make you look forward to another payday, which means you are motivated to work to get that reward.

Take Breaks

Take a leisurely walk outside and enjoy the scenery. Fresh air and a beautiful view can refresh your mind and make you more productive. This will also allow you to communicate with other people in person, which is good if you are an extrovert. This is also good even for introverts, as sitting at home all day without a dose of sunlight can greatly harm the body and overall well-being.

Get the Proper Equipment

Working from home means you provide your own equipment. This means you should have your own computer, planner, and other supplies required for your work from home job. You should also have a fast Internet connection at home.

Being a freelancer working from home means you are an entrepreneur. You can only keep your freelancing business running if you are motivated to work from home without constant supervision from your clients. To succeed, you have to keep yourself motivated. You should also follow a high standard of self-discipline.

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