Cloud Technology in Gaming: Welcome to a New Era of Gaming


Gaming first cropped up on the scene decades ago, when the swinging ‘60s were in full force and the digital world of gaming was barely even thought of. Through numerous video games, plenty of arcades, and new launches, gaming has come along in leaps and bounds since the mini-computer systems that ruled that era. Gaming is one of the biggest markets and has seen a monumental rise due to technology — and that’s why it’s loved by the majority of the population today. We’ve seen new technology on the scene catapult the likes of Fortnite onto our screens, and video gaming in esports around the world, but nothing has prepared us for what is to come. We’re going to explore all that is cloud technology, and how it’s reshuffling the cards of the gaming industry altogether. Let’s take a dive into what it is, and where it’s going.

What is cloud technology in gaming?

Cloud technology in gaming allows users to live stream their virtual games on the portable device that they are using. This may be smartphones, tablets, laptops, and anything else that can give you a high-powered network. The idea is that with high-speed internet, you as a gamer can now cut out the need for those bulky hardware upgrades like consoles and PCs, and play through the cloud wherever you may be. This, of course, in its own right will lend an unprecedented boost to the gaming economy, fuelling the demand for more multiplayer games around the world.

Let’s explore deeper…

To put it simply, cloud technology is a highly advanced piece of tech that allows its users to access, store, and manage their software, files, and servers through any device that has an internet connection. The cloud services then store and process data in a location that is different from the end users’. The cloud itself is a virtual cloud that revolutionizes the gaming world and knocks down barriers.

Now, unlike any other time in history, the majority of people who have smartphones are able to access their favorite new gaming technology and releases without having to save up for a pricey new device. At the end of 2023, it was recorded that 4.3 billion people across the world had access to a smartphone. Now this statistic, compared to the one in five consumers who have a games console, included a whole lot more people, who now have access to all that the cloud offers.

What are the positives of cloud technology in gaming?

No limitations in terms of device

Before cloud gaming, most video games were made for specific platforms — for instance, Windows, Xbox, or PlayStation, and in this case, gamers would have to buy the specific title they were looking for, in order for it to work on their console. The discs or virtual game cards would not work on any other devices, meaning fewer people had access to many games. Cloud gaming has enabled gaming services to become more independent from their platforms, and they can be used on all smartphone providers. Previously, most games could only run on Windows, but now, cloud technology enables the games to run through Android, iOS, Linux, and Chrome — all simultaneously.

2. More compatible

As stated above, the availability of smartphones around the world means that games are now compatible with a larger market. High-level video games, which were often pretty expensive, can now be used on low-end devices, as long as they have access to the cloud. Before, low-end devices and cheaper consoles couldn’t cope with the processing power and graphics of new games — but this is all in the past. Memory storage isn’t a thing for cloud technology, as it offers up a wide range of storage options, unlike your regular Xbox or PS4.

3. Security

Cloud gaming is renowned for its high-rate security and ultra-fast processing. When you play through a regular console, you input your personal banking details to purchase in-game additions and there is a risk of hacking or breaches of security. With cloud gaming, all of your data is kept safe on secure servers. All data is transferred via secure connections, and hacking is a far lower risk than anything else in this new digital age.

That’s not the only problem being solved, either! On top of hacking possibilities, regular gaming consoles would also cause issues relating to gaming data and backing up your sessions. When you use the cloud and its security, it is all backed up automatically and both your game and your data are as safe as can be.

Cloud gaming means that gamers around the world are now able to access new games, new processes, and a whole new world of secure playing. We can’t wait to see where technological advances take us next, but from what we can see — it’s only getting bigger and better.

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