Simplify Your Data Entry Jobs by Using the Right Tools Online

It’s a data-driven world and we’re just living in it. Today’s businesses are continuously collecting data to narrow down their search for potential clients, improve their current strategies and boost their sales.

Almost all aspects of businesses — from studying the target market to dealing with the logistics — require data gathering, which is a herculean task since data today is created at lightning speeds.

Businesses simplify their data entry jobs by electronically collecting available data. However, not all data can be digitally collected since some data requires manual assistance. Physical documents or hard copies of files can be digitized by photocopying or scanning, but these tasks cost time and restrict you from making data entry changes.

Help your data entry specialist team do their job better by beating these setbacks. Improve efficiency in the business by relying on technology and its long list of apps and software. Tech is the future of businesses, after all.

But before you start rummaging the internet for tools, know that there are different types of data entry jobs with varying requirements.

The Basics: What is Data Entry and What are Its Types?

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Data entry requires entering specific types of information into a desired or preferred software or format. The work is often the responsibility of a data specialist or a data entry operator who possesses complete knowledge and experience in data entry and the industry.

Some companies choose to outsource their data entry jobs to free their in-house employees from hours of tedious and repetitive work.

There are different types of data entry:

  • Manual data entry. Conversion of manually-created entries into a digital platform.
  • Online data entry. Involves resources that are in a soft copy format. Can also be done through websites or online portals.
  • Online survey. Used by businesses to get feedback on their products and services from clients, partners or targeted audiences. Companies use surveys to improve their products and services.
  • Online form filling. Often a tedious job, this type of data entry requires entering huge data in an online form.
  • Email processing. Processing of emails, going through thousands of emails every day and understanding the content or categorizing them in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Database update. The database can include the names, phone numbers, addresses and emails for different industries.

As mentioned, there is a long list of tools for different types of on-site or remote data entry jobs. But the list can be too long or too overwhelming for businesses that are new to data entry apps and software.

Instead of browsing through all the lists of tools for data entry jobs, here’s a comprehensive list of must-have applications and software.

Data Entry Software and Apps for Better Operations

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Enhance your business’s productivity with the following tools:

Data Entry Tools With Payment

Abbyy FineReader

This program is complete optical character recognition (OCR) software that offers an enhanced optical character recognition, a variety of PDF editing tools and faster performance. Abby FineReader recognizes 192 languages and is available in two editions: Corporate and Professional.

In general, it is user-friendly, but if you’re having difficulty using the software, online videos and manuals can help.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe is a trusted name in the field of software and programs. The Acrobat DC is their latest offering to businesses, as it has both PDF and OCT capabilities. It also gives users the option of creating PDFs anywhere, including spreadsheets, emails and photos. Adobe Acrobat DC is available for both Android and Apple users but comes with a premium price of $14.99.


Initially, you may think of the blue cube Loki held so dearly in The Avengers movies. This Tesseract, however, does not involve superheroes. Instead, it’s Google-developed OCR software that digitally converts PDF images and files into digital documents. Google uses the software in videos for plagiarism detection, on mobile devices for text detection and in Gmail for spam detection. It can also process both right to left and left to right texts.

The Tesseract is available for Mac OS, Linux and Windows. It is also available in multiple languages.


Readiris is easy to download and to use. It recognizes 130 languages and easily converts manual documents to digital ones. One of its best features is its audio capabilities, which can convert books and documents into wave and MP3 files. With this feature, you can understand documents just by listening.


This ORC software offers high-quality conversions and scans that maintain the original document’s features. It comes with a user-friendly interface that supports Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other editing platforms.


WinTask is popular automatic data entry software for both large organizations and small businesses. This data entry automation tool enables you to copy information from one application to another. You can also automate input data into any web or application form. Finally, save time by processing mass data entry from an Excel file to a web form at high speeds.

Instead of manually inputting data in the forms, WinTask reads the first line of the data, fills the form for you and submits it.


If you want a simple yet powerful cloud-based and mobile data entry app, go with goCanvas. This app offers an efficient and secure way of entering quality data. goCanvas apps are also specially designed for different business industries like healthcare, retail and construction. Have your team easily convert their paper logs into digital forms with this app.

Free Data Entry Tools


If you’re looking for a handy data entry tool for small businesses, go with Docparser. This tool enables users to easily extract data from work orders, scanned invoices, delivery notes, shipping orders, bank statements, invoices and PDF forms. It can also automate the document-based workflow by offering secure, accurate and better document data extraction tools.


As the name of this app suggests, you get an OCR tool for free. FreeOCR can run successful document conversions and can recognize multiple languages. However, it lacks the basic features of data entry tools like image pre-processing, document conversion and more.


FormTools is a free online data entry tool that offers flexible and powerful solutions. This open-source web-based data entry system can efficiently manage all of your data and forms. Users need not have advanced programming knowledge to input data or create new forms. FormTools also offers a data visualization module that provides a simple and easy way to export data.


DKAN is a free open source data entry program that offers individuals and businesses to consume and publish structured information. This tool is agile and flexible, as well as community-driven. Users can easily collect, share and use data in the real world.


This free online tool saves you time with digital inspections, reports and work orders. It can efficiently build digital forms, as well as change the colors and logos of the images to suit the user’s style. One of the best parts of this software is its integration with your favorite tools.

It’s Time to Use the Right Data Entry Tools

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Whether you choose to purchase a tool or go with the free ones, these online tools will simplify your data entry jobs.

Also, they come with a host of benefits:

  • Reduced errors. Automated data entry specialist tools lessen the likelihood of errors. Fewer errors mean more income for your organization.
  • Better accuracy. Data entry programs check the validity of data before importing it into your core programs.
  • Enhanced efficiency and clarity. Organizations can reduce clutter in the office by replacing physical documents with digital versions. Data entry tools can make all records available to employees and authorized personal whenever, wherever. Plus, it guarantees better business productivity, too.
  • Fewer costs and paperwork. A lot of money is required to organize and maintain high volumes of daily paperwork. You have to pay for the printer, ink, filing cabinets and labor necessary in assembling the paperwork. With these online tools, all of your data entry files are available online.

Simplify data entry jobs by using the right tools! Remember: the faster you input the data, the faster you can run your business.

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