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Google Drive is a user-friendly cloud storage platform with 15GB of free storage. It offers easy document editing and quick file sharing. However, the cloud storage service could be more flawless. It lacks proper encryption and doesn’t care about users’ privacy. It isn’t ideal for retrieving accidentally deleted files and folders. Also, Google Drive may run into chaotic problems, such as Google Drive could not download. The error might be caused due to your web browser, Internet connection, or your user account. The problem may get fixed quickly, but it is always a good idea to have another platform on standby if Google Drive runs into problems or you are concerned about your privacy.

The top Google Drive alternatives are mentioned below.


Sync is located in Canada, which has much stricter and better privacy laws than other countries. It lets users place folders in their devices and upload documents added to the folders to the cloud. Then, the files will be automatically synced across multiple devices. Users can remotely disconnect their devices if they have been stolen or lost.

Sync offers zero-knowledge encryption, and users have full control of their encryption keys, including free users. What’s more, you ask? 2FA ensures login credentials are safe even if someone discovers the password.

  • MEGA

MEGA is an excellent Google Drive alternative as it provides automated real-time backups. All the changes are synced with essential folders and files. The platform’s end-to-end encryption and no-log policy ensure the complete safety of user data. Users can even collaborate on this platform without hassle.

When it comes to sharing and downloading files without registration or sign-up, MEGA is one of the biggest Google Drive competitors. Multiuser communications are supported on this platform through sharing files, messages, video in chat, and audio. Also, the platform natively supports multimedia-rich audio calls, chat, and video calls. The expiry date for any shared folder or file link can be configured by users.

Some of the outstanding features of this platform are:

  • A broad range of storage plans for business and personal use cases.
  • Provides native browser extensions or add-ons for all major web browsers.
  • Setting passwords to limit access to specific folders or files on the drive.
  • Users can limit folders and files with granular access control, including marking files as read-only.
  • The platform supports sharing, uploading, and collaborating on heavy files with ease.

So, you may want to check out MEGA and find out if it matches your specific requirements.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox, the file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc., is a place where all your team’s content comes together. It is an excellent platform for collaboration, and you can share timelines, coordinate tasks and inform teams of progress. The platform integrates with popular services like Creative Cloud, Zoom, Slack, and Google Workspace. You can use Dropbox to keep your confidential documents safe.

It is considered one of the top Google Drive alternatives for automatic folder syncing, cloud file backup, etc. It can be used for creating a backup of your device and clearing device storage when it is running low on memory. The platform makes it fuss-free to collaborate with multiple users in real-time.

If files or folders are accidentally deleted, Dropbox offers in-built support for 30-day recovery. It even has password management that quickly generates and stores passwords. It also makes retrieving passwords a fuss-free process. You can effortlessly scan and store receipts on Dropbox and share messages in the form of video recordings, screenshots, GIFs, etc.

  • pCloud

pCloud is a secure cloud storage that encrypts files while they are still on the computer. Hence, the files are less vulnerable when uploaded to the cloud.

The platform itself cannot access the files because they are encrypted, and the encryption key is not stored on its servers.

Similar to Google Drive, pCloud allows users to share their files with others. You can invite someone to access a folder or file or create a download or upload link to collaborate. An upload link will let others upload files to your folder, and the download link will let them download and view the files.

You can start with 10GB of free storage, and then you can upgrade your plan to get 20GB of storage space. You can also save money by purchasing its lifetime plan.

  • iCloud

Apple users are familiar with iCloud because this is Apple’s default cloud storage. Its features are similar to Google Drive.

If you use a Mac, iPhone, or other Apple device, you likely have an iCloud account. iCloud is used to create a backup of files and data, which are automatically synced across Apple devices.

iCloud works best on Apple devices.

The Bottom Line

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These popular Google Drive alternatives are worth checking out because they are giving Google Drive a run for its money. Packed with security and file-sharing features, these alternatives might be what you need for your professional or personal purposes.

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