Four Changes in Business Caused by the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused a widespread change across the world. It’s now the norm to wear personal protective gear in flights. Locations that were suffering from overtourism are now sparsely filled. Instead of music festivals, it’s all about online concerts now. Small and large businesses have also been forced to adapt. Here are four changes in business that might be here to stay due to the health crisis:

Emphasis on Health

Don’t be surprised to see a surge in demand for OTC iron supplement, vitamin D, and multivitamins. Due to daily news about the impact of the coronavirus, people are taking care of their health. While there’s no evidence that says these vitamins can prevent infection, experts still recommend taking them because of their health benefits.

There’s also an impact on food consumption. Now more than ever, more people are cooking and preparing their meals at home. Although this doesn’t guarantee that people are eating more vegetables or fruits, it can signify an improvement in diets. A study has found that Americans get 21% of their energy from restaurant servings. The problem is that majority of those dishes have poor diet quality. As a result, restaurants may include healthier meals on their menu. They may also focus on adding dishes that are difficult to make at home.


One of the biggest effects the pandemic has caused is the need for compassion. Companies have changed their ads that focused on health and safety. Mass emails have been sent to customers to express empathy. There’s also been an increase in mental health support.

Businesses have not only changed their marketing strategy but also their policies. Airlines have been more accommodating by allowing travelers to reschedule or cancel their flights for free. Companies are also monitoring prices closely to prevent price gouging. Before, shops were running out of hand sanitizers and masks due to panic buying. Now, companies are giving them away for free.

Besides policies, there’s also been an emphasis on the treatment of employees. Companies have been criticized for forcing their staffers to work under poor conditions. Before, it required TV, radio or newspaper exposure for an issue to garner attention. Now, social media has enabled anyone with internet access to spread information about workers’ rights.

These changes have shown consumers what is possible. They know that companies can be more compassionate towards their employees and customers. So, these changes are not only fair, but they’re also good business decisions. The more compassionate a business is towards its customers, the likelier they’ll get the same treatment back. Because people want to buy from stores that care about them.

Flexibility and Convenience

During the pandemic, online shopping has been one of the few ways retailers have survived. Across the world, people have been encouraged to stay at home and only go outside for essentials. As a result, companies have adapted online. The businesses that didn’t have online shops before have now launched their own sites. Restaurants have started to offer customers the curbside pickup option. It’s where orders are put in the trunks of the customers’ car or left outside of the restaurant. Similarly, food delivery services have started giving the option of having contactless delivery. Your food is left at your door so you don’t have to have face-to-face contact with the delivery person. Another change brought about by the pandemic is cashless payments. While card payments have always been accepted, the difference is that businesses are now using cashless payments exclusively. It’s because studies have shown that cash is dirty and it’s passed around from people to people.

For people’s safety, the trend of convenience is likely here to stay. It prioritizes people’s well-being. It limits unnecessary contact.


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People have turned to video games, streaming sites, and books during the pandemic. Because people are staying at home more, they’re looking for something to do. It staves off boredom. It’s a way to virtually connect with friends. Plus, it’s a way to use escapism.

While people still use social media and TV to entertain themselves, some have resorted to other means. Social networking sites and news channels are full of bad news. Too much exposure can have a negative impact on your mental health. It’s only natural to take a break and find solace in other things.

For the past few months, people have been plagued with terrible events. Reports of layoffs, deaths, and economic decline are now the norm. It’s only natural for consumers to seek compassion and flexibility from the companies they support.

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