Housekeeping Made Easy in Six Ways

A clean home is a happy home. If your home is a mess, your mind can feel like a mess. You want your house to be an inviting place where you can relax. But if housekeeping is a challenge and your new goal is to keep a clean home, here are some excellent tips that you can try to make your home the kind of place where you could find comfort.

Refresh Your Towels

Your towels need to be changed after several uses. It might seem impossible to make them smell like new again. Thankfully there is a simple solution to that: a vinegar bubble bath. This simple solution sanitizes your towels and helps you save on detergent. You can use this trick on your linens too!

The Right Rags

Using the right type of rag can make a huge difference when you clean. Rags made of different materials can help you clean your home better. If you use the wrong type of rag, it can leave marks all over the items or even damage your furniture. We recommend that you buy cleaning rags in bulk in different materials to keep your home spotless.

Do It Right Away

It would help if you learned how to clean as you go. Learn a new motto for cleaning: if it takes a minute or less, do it now. While this is not necessarily a cleaning method, it sure keeps your home clean. For instance, instead of just throwing your clothes on “the chair” (you know what chair we are talking about – the chair piled with clothes in everyone’s bedroom), take a moment to fold them and put it back in your closet. If throwing that wrapper will take you ten seconds, do it right away.

Self Cleaning Microwaves

If you are tired of scrubbing your microwave and still having that old smell, we have a simple trick that you can do. Mix vinegar or lemon juice with some water in a microwave-safe bowl and let it heat up in the microwave for 5 minutes. Afterward, let it sit to cool then wipe the sides of the microwave. All the grime and grease will easily wipe off, which saves you from the tiresome task of scrubbing your microwave clean.

Use Baby Oil


Baby oil might be the solution to your oily problems. If your appliances get greasy, the right rag and some baby oil can easily clean them up. It is a fantastic way to clean metal appliances while letting them have a beautiful shine afterward. Plus, you will not have that nasty chemical scent in your house since you skipped out on the chemical sprays!

Shiny Silver

If you hate cleaning your silverware because silver cleaners have a strong smell, then you can use this quick alternative – toothpaste. Use a rag to rub toothpaste onto the items and look at how it will sparkle after! If you have more ornate designs or crevices in your silver items, you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush, which naturally pairs well with the toothpaste.

Keep your home clean and inviting by using these surprising tips – trust us, they will work wonders for your house!

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