How Marketing for Your Cell Phone Repair Business Should be Done

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The thing about running a cell phone repair shop is that marketing can get pretty tricky. How do you manage your expectations if you’re dependent on phones not working properly? How do you run a business that’s only needed very specifically?

Fortunately, there is a fix. It’s just a matter of shifting your focus from a service-centric approach to a customer-centric one. If you’re having promotional problems, or if you want to start your own cell phone repair business, here’s how you can improve your sales with effective marketing.

Leverage social media presence

Since people often look for a solution from the internet first, one strategy you can do is to write value-adding content online. Try to predict their problem, and provide a quick fix that they can do themselves through infographics or short tutorial videos. Present yourself as a reliable source of information on the matter. Post the articles across all your social media channels.

You can also employ influencer marketing. People trust what their preferred influencers have to say. So, it’s a good idea to offer social media influencers free services in exchange for sponsored content to persuade people to look you up online.

Create ambassadors out of customers

As it stands, word of mouth is still the most effective medium of marketing, especially for a service-oriented business like a phone repair shop. So, make sure to give repeat customers the best possible experience.

Excellent service should already be a given, but what will set you apart is excellent customer relations. Provide technical know-how beyond their phone’s issue. Offer a discount to returning customers, or those who can refer new customers.

Hire or train expert technicians

Your repair shop’s staff shouldn’t only be an expert in detecting phone issues and repairing gadgets, but they should also be experts in communicating with people from every demographic. Remember, you’re looking to serve elderly people, first-time gadget owners, and even similar experts who don’t have the tools to repair their device themselves.

Looking for certification when hiring a technician greatly helps as this indicates not only technical expertise but also proficiency in dealing with customers’ vague device issues.

Make yourself known on the map

Your repair shop has to be identifiable on any virtual map. A good place to start is registering your business on Google Maps, so you can appear on search queries that are looking for nearby repair shops. You can also direct customers to popular landmarks in your advertisements, so they can easily find you even if you manage a small kiosk.

Throw in a service warranty

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As a service-oriented business, the best way to increase repeat customers is to give them a warranty on your repairs. If the problem seems to be recurring, offer to run another diagnostic and fix the problem for free. While doing so, you can also remind them to avoid a third-party repair service as this might void their device’s original warranty. This way, they keep coming back to you to consult.


If you can, explore means to automate time-consuming processes. For example, invest in an automated ticketing process to facilitate queued repairs, or set up a chatbot, so prospects get to have quick responses on their queries.

In an era when people can just search for a tutorial video online or replace their broken phone, your repair shop must do whatever it can to stay relevant.

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