How to Find the Right Audience for Your Products

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A target audience refers to the group of people with distinct demographics and behaviors that guide the company’s marketing campaign and decision. Determining the right audience for your business can help you tailor your content. This will then make it easier for you to establish your position and authority in the market. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Conduct a Survey

Conducting a survey allows you to get valuable information and feedback from consumers. Factors may include age, occupation, experience, issues, and more. By gaining more insights, you can further develop your demographics and adjust your marketing campaigns. Make your survey quick and easy to fill out, but ensure that it accomplishes your well-defined goal.

In terms of data collection after the survey, there are systematic ways to get it done easily while minimizing the chances of errors, from using digital tools to highly functional forms. But the most efficient is through data collection survey software. This guarantees high-quality and accurate results. Plus, it covers different aspects of the data collection process.

2. Create Reader Personas

Creating buyer personas is a strategic approach in marketing that focuses on developing fictional representations of target customers for products and services. Through it, any company can tailor their content to increase the number of views and engagement.

Gather important information first, which may include gender, personality, family life, job title, job function, location, income, needs, and so on. Then proceed with analyzing the information. You may discover a common thing that ties them together. When done, you can now create a detailed description of your buyer persona to represent your potential customers.

3. Use Google Analytics for Reference

Google Analytics provides tons of data about your target audience; you only need to know how to find it. Luckily, it’s not difficult to do. And just like many other companies, you can take advantage of this powerful tool.

Log on to your Google Analytics account, and look for “Audience” located on the left-hand column. Below, you’ll see the available reports for different sections. Choose any from the drop-down. The list includes:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Geo
  • Behavior
  • Technology
  • Mobile
  • Custom

That will tell you who exactly the readers of your content are.

4. Use Facebook Insights

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Facebook Insights is a tool to track user interactions on a Facebook page. Admins have access to it to see the number of active users on the page, the most successful posts, and demographics.

Through Facebook Insights, you can determine which content is the most engaging and also the best time of day to post. Just log on to your Facebook page, click on the gear wheel image, choose “View Insights,” and you’ll see a graph below.

5. Find Your Audience Through a Twitter Dashboard

Just like Facebook, Twitter also has a tool that provides powerful insights into your audience. It makes you aware of the topic that your followers are interested in and the common posts you have with the other Twitter accounts they’re following.

It is completely free and works both on mobile phones and desktops. By getting a clearer picture of what your customers feel about your products and services, you can uncover factors that can attract and motivate your target audience.

6. Monitor Your Most and Least Popular Content

Through Google Analytics, you can monitor your posts. To make it easier in the future, compile a traffic report for a specific period of time. Use the total number of shares, reviews, and comments to determine the posts’ popularity.

Monitoring your post will not only improve your marketing impact, but it will also raise awareness about the keywords to monitor and better your customer support.

You can also use the other free monitoring tools that can help you track your posts, such as Bitly, Hootsuite, Social Mention, and Buffer.

7. Analyze Your Customer Data

By analyzing your customer data, you’ll find out who reads your content and buys your products. They might actually be different.

It’s a great way to know if your content is attracting the wrong audience and to whom your products appeal the most. With the right analysis, you can optimize your content to create more brand awareness.

Determining the right target audience is crucial in business. It provides an accurate insight into who will buy and respond positively to your products. In other words, it is the primary reason your products exist.

Take time to study the different ways and techniques. You can even integrate them. And soon, you will surely be able to identify and target the right audience to grow your business.

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