How to Make Your Coworking Space Stand Out

Coworking is a rapidly growing industry, and the last five years have shown that it’s not stopping anytime soon. That said, it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs are opening coworking spaces in their own locations. With more companies entering the field, it’s not long before the industry experiences a market boom.

If you’re one of the entrepreneurs wanting to cash in on this trend, you probably already know how to start a coworking space business. However, how can you make it stand out against your competitors?

Here are some tips that can help:

1. Focus on a niche

While coworking space is meant to host a variety of clients from different companies, specializing your business for a certain niche is an excellent way to catch clientele’s eye. For example, focus on serving e-commerce groups or robotics companies, or the biotechnology and agri-business markets. After you identify the niche market you want to cater to, adapt your coworking space to that group’s needs and preferences.

For instance, if you choose to focus on the art market, provide creative spaces that employees can use as their studio and decorate your establishment with the art that they specialize in. Whatever your niche is, let your business revolve around it to create a perfect space for your clients.

2. Prioritize comfort

Coworking spaces tend to deviate from the traditional office setting, but many businesses use desks exclusively. Why not make your business stand out by offering couches, standing desks, and beanbag chairs for optimal comfort? You can still offer desks, but many clients are happier when they are offered choices.

Aside from boosting productivity, providing a comfortable working space can set your business apart from the rest.

3. Offer luxuries

Luxuries can be free or offered with additional charges. Either way, having goodies such as coffee, snacks, massage chairs, and ergonomic pillows in a coworking space can make you stand out from your competitors. In fact, you can even offer concierge services for a premium price.

coworking Space

4. Provide virtual office services

People who travel a lot for work have taken to using coworking spaces so they have an office address and phone number. However, some of these people will find it a waste of money to pay for a coworking space if they aren’t going to be there most of the time. As a solution, you can offer virtual office services for members that need someone to pick up phone calls, answer voicemails, and receive packages on their behalf.

5. Have an outdoor space

Most coworking spaces don’t have outdoor spaces, so you can take this as an opportunity to do something different and have an outdoor area for your coworking business. Turn your building’s rooftop, balcony, or back area into an outdoor working space to cater to people who are most productive in the open air.

Coworking businesses are expected to grow even bigger in the next five years. Even if you’re doing well now, can your coworking space survive in the midst of fierce competition? Use these tips to make your business stand out from the rest so you can ensure the steady growth of your sales.

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