How to Speed Up Your Laundry Like a Boss

Doing a week’s worth of laundry for your entire family can easily be one of the least favorite home chores among many people out there. It’s nice to smell newly-washed clothes, but not the process before you achieve the finished product. Washing dirty and smelly clothes is just one thing — gathering and folding them once they’re dry is another dreaded task you have to deal with.

If you feel too overwhelmed with all those heaps of laundry, you can hire a same-day laundry service instead. Simply seeing dirty clothing overflowing from your laundry basket can be stressful already, and it’s normal to feel stressed because of that. But there are ways to ease that stress. You can either hire laundry services near you or step up and deal with your laundry like a boss.

Tips to ease your laundry headaches

As mentioned, laundry can be a tedious affair in which you have no choice but to deal with. Otherwise, you and your family won’t have fresh clothes to wear the following week. Sure, you may still have many clothes to wear even if you choose to skip laundry day. Just expect to have double the laundry the next weekend. It’s your choice, really.

On the other hand, here are some tips to ease your laundry problems and unleash your inner laundry god (or goddess, depends on who does the laundry).

1. Make a laundry plan.

First of all, you should determine what day of the week you will do the laundry. For many households, they do it on a Saturday or Sunday — and then stick to that schedule. You should also consider other tasks that may be affected by the laundry day. That way, you won’t stress out which task you will take care of first.

2. Sort the laundry before laundry day.


Laundry sorting should only take a couple of minutes or less than an hour to do. Make time to sort the laundry at least hours before laundry day. Have a separate laundry basket for whites, one for colored, and another for heavy fabrics (e.g., denim pants, towels, bedsheets, and comforters, etc.) Make sure to check which clothing requires specific washing instructions (e.g., those that should be hand-washed only) to avoid damaging the clothes.

3. Put socks in a mesh bag.

Losing one pair off a sock among loads of laundry can be annoying as well. To avoid losing them again, put all socks in a mesh bag, and simply toss in the washing machine for laundry time.

4. Deal with the folding time.

If you have scheduled your laundry day earlier, you can easily deal with folding time. For one thing, folding laundry can be an easier task than washing the laundry. You can do the former after you have done washing everything and taking a break while watching TV or something.

5. Check and empty the pockets.

Before tossing dirty clothes into the washing machine, make sure to check the pants or shorts pockets for any random items that may be inside. It may be a dollar bill, a penny, or any small item that can damage the machine if it goes unnoticed.

These are some tips to ease your laundry burden. At the end of this tedious chore, you can finally smell those freshly-washed clothes and wear them again.

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