Make It Memorable: How to Come Up with a Catchy Business Name

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Coming up with a good business name for your company is essential. Even if you have the best people providing you with services such as digital marketing and private label SEO, if your business name doesn’t mesh well with your brand, your company won’t succeed.

So, how do you create a catchy name for your business in Utah? Here’s how.

Be unique

There are tricks you can use to come up with a unique business name. What you should do first is to identify what you want your customers to think about your brand.

Try to go beyond the fact that you’re selling them something they want or need. Try to think of what they will feel once they get a hold of your products and work your way from there. The gist here is that your business name should have an emotional connection with your customers.

That way, it will be easier for your customers to remember your store or your business because it’s already embedded in their minds. So, choose a business name that’s catchy, unique, and has an emotional connection with your customers. If you’re having a hard time with this process, go online or check out some books that could help you.

Identify yourself

executives having a meetingAnother tip to coming up with an effective business name is to think of a name that will instantly tell customers what your business is all about. Granted, some businesses don’t follow this rule, such as McDonald’s, Subway, Pep Boys, and Saks 5th Ave.

Just by looking at those names, you won’t think that the first two brands are fast food restaurants. You wouldn’t think that the third is an automotive aftermarket retail chain service and the last one is a fashion store. But, the difference with them is that they’ve been in their respective industries for so long that people already know what their businesses are all about.

Since you’re working on a startup company, you need to let your customers know right away what your business is all about. So, try to think of a name that when outsiders come across it, they will immediately know what that store, shop, or restaurant is all about.

Don’t overthink it

It may seem ironic to you that after checking out the suggestions above, you’re being told this time not to overthink your business name. But, it really is important that you don’t overdo the process.

You might go to great lengths coming up with a name that’s both unique and accurately represents your business. But then, it’s so convoluted that your customers won’t understand what it means. So, take it easy and don’t overthink the name of your company.

What you can do is make the process fun for you. Visualize the names you want for your business and see if they could make you smile or inspire you. As soon as you find this process tedious or the names you come up with make you cringe, then it’s time to pause for a while and continue your brainstorming for another time.

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