How to Secure a Product for Safe Delivery

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Delivery times have been a hot topic in retail for the past few years. A 2020 survey found that 65% of American consumers expected 2 to 3 days of delivery which 29% of online sellers also want to achieve by 2022. Alongside this goal, they are also looking into next-day delivery improvements. Moreover, express same-day delivery is also on the agenda for over 18% of delivery executives. Still, only 6% of buyers expect that delivery speed.

Retailers are under pressure to meet consumer expectations for fast delivery times, and it looks like same-day delivery may be the next step in meeting those demands. However, as crucial speed is in delivery, ensuring that the package remains intact and undamaged during transport is also of utmost importance to avoid problems down the road. And this is where proper packing and delivery come into play.

Choose the Right Delivery Packaging

Choose a package that is the right size for your products. If you are shipping clothes or something small that aren’t fragile, you can pack them in an envelope. If you are shipping skincare products or mugs, you have to pack them in a box that is just big enough to fit everything snugly. And since these items are fragile, use air pillows or packing peanuts. This way, your items won’t move around too much and get wrinkled or broken.

On the other hand, if you deliver large items such as a newly purchased sofa for homeowners or a convenient central supply cart for hospitals, you have to ensure that it’s appropriately wrapped in protective plastic with plenty of padding to avoid any nicks or scratches during the shipping process. Moreover, if the products are disassembled, you must ensure that you aren’t missing any pieces.

Also, if you are shipping products sensitive to temperature changes, choose a package that will insulate your products from the heat or cold. If you are shipping products sensitive to humidity, select a packaging that will keep your products dry. It’s also essential that you choose a package that is easy to open and easy to recycle. You would want your customers to quickly open the package and be able to recycle the packaging materials, or at least reuse them.

After choosing the correct packaging, double-check that you label it correctly. This will help ensure that the package is delivered to the right destination. It is also essential to include any special instructions on the label, such as “fragile” or “do not shake.”

Securely Load Your Packages

Packages are commonly loaded onto delivery vans via loading docks. These platforms are used to load and unload goods from a delivery truck. It is typically located at the back of a store or warehouse. Loading docks are usually equipped with a ramp or lift, making it easy to move heavy products from the ground onto the dock.

Your workers should use caution while loading products onto a loading dock. Ensure the packages are balanced and secured before moving them onto the ramp or lift. If possible, use a dolly or hand truck to help move the products. Once the products are on the loading dock, they can be moved into the delivery van using a forklift or by hand.

Worker pushes a steel trolley with boxes towards an open door van at the warehouse

Protect your Product during Transit

Packaging can only do so much to ensure the security of a product during transit. It’s also essential to ensure that your delivery workers don’t accidentally leave the package at the wrong address or lose any during deliveries.

It’s crucial to ensure that your workers send it to the correct address. This means double-checking the address and ensuring all the information is correct. It can also be helpful to map out the route from your loading dock to the recipient’s house, so you can be sure that the package will arrive safely.

Troubleshoot any Problems

It is essential to follow up on your shipment once it has been sent. This means verifying that the package has been delivered and ensuring that it arrived in the correct condition by requiring a signature upon delivery. If there are any problems with the delivery, it is essential to take action as soon as possible. By doing this, you can avoid any delays or other issues such as a damaged product. This can help to ensure that any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

It is essential to take the necessary precautions when shipping a product, as it can be costly and time-consuming to fix damages that occur during transit. This is why it is essential to secure a product for safe delivery.

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