Signs You Need to Enlist the Help of a Marketing Professional


Marketing is essential to growing your brand, building up a good reputation, and standing out in an increasingly saturated advertising world. While it may be understandable for a start-up to do it in-house, there comes an opportune time when businesses need to enlist the help of marketing professionals to take over. Here are the signs that it’s time for you as a business owner to hire a marketing agency.

The marketing side is not given the attention it needs.

As business owners, we tend to focus on the service or product we provide and making sure it’s the best it can be. At the same time, there are plenty of things that go into running a business, and it’s understandable why marketing often goes on the back burner. However, even with an excellent product or service, your business might not reach its goals if you’re no strategic about increasing your brand recognition or focusing on the marketing side of things. Hiring experts to look into your company’s marketing side will then help you focus on your product or service.

Your company isn’t generating the leads it set out to gain.

One of the most frustrating things that we can encounter as business owners are not generating the leads we set out to gain, even when our sales team produces high-quality work. It can also be frustrating for sales teams to not see a return on their hard work. Hiring a marketing team can help your sales team build a strategy that incorporates their sales process into the marketing plans to direct leads. Enlisting the help of a marketing firm will help your sales team focus on their core competencies and better utilize their skills and talents.

Your in-house marketing team is showing signs of being overworked.

One of the biggest signs you need to outsource your company’s marketing is if your in-house team is showing signs of being overwhelmed with handling too many tasks at once. When a marketing team is stressed, lead generation is negatively impacted, and they might unknowingly approach decision-making in halfhearted ways. Moving some tasks to a third-party firm might help your in-house team focus on their core tasks.

Sales are not growing.

If your company’s sales figures are stagnant at best and decreasing at worst, and if your company is losing money, your marketing must be in dire need of help. Your sales team, no matter how competent, needs support from marketing experts to stay on target and efficiently turn inquiries into sales. The right marketing team will help you craft a plan that will uniquely align your company’s marketing with sales conversation. One of the marks of a successful business is the alignment between the sales and marketing teams and how they combine their theoretical and practical knowledge to define the needs of potential customers.


Your competitors are working with one.

If your competitors have hired a marketing firm, they have an edge over your business. Companies, especially those that are in financial trouble, need new and fresh perspectives to help address their financial, marketing, and sales challenges. A marketing firm can also help you stay on top of the trends and the competition, especially since they have the tools needed to push your branding, messaging, and promotions to boost your sales and revenue. Working with a reputable firm is crucial to staying ahead of our direct competitors.

It feels like you’re grappling in the dark.

When it feels like you and your team have a hard time identifying what’s working and what’s not even after leaving no stone unturned, it might be a sign that you need the perspective of a third-party marketing team. If you can’t get a grasp of what direct marketing initiative can drive leads for your company, or why you can’t seem to reach your target ROI for your digital marketing, you need to enlist the help of experts to help understand and find solutions for you. It will save you a lot of resources like time and money because a marketing firm can help steer you away from strategies and activities that are simply not cost-effective.

The Bottom Line

As business owners, it’s in our nature to have big ideas, come up with plans, and have a vision for how we want our companies to go, but it’s another thing to bring these ideas and plans to fruition. More often than not, we need the help of outside assistance to reach our goals and bring our ideas to life. So consider hiring a marketing firm to help you reach your goals, ease your employees’ workload, and increase your profitability.

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