Summer Projects: DIY Games for Your Backyard


Nowadays, there is a notable lack of things to do in the backyard. Most people are glued to their phones and tablet screens currently. If you want to bring back that spark of outdoor activity into your lives, you’re going to have to do something about it. You don’t even have to spend much. Currently, several DIY projects will get you excited to play outside again.

Giant Chess

chess pieces

Chess is a nice little game that should be easy to make. The board will need you to lay down a chessboard pattern of tiles. The bulk of the work will be in the pieces. Artistic DIYers can carve their pieces on their own while those who are less gifted can probably nail together some abstract forms that can act as the chess pieces. Weigh them down with concrete or metal. Besides looking cool and intellectual, chess is a great decorative piece that will have the neighbors impressed.

DIY Cornhole

Less brain-challenging is the game of cornhole. Players are hoping to shoot a heavy bag into a small hole. Each bag that enters the hole is a score. It’s like a mix of basketball and horseshoes. The central part of the work is the cornhole board. It’s pretty easy. Just cut a hole in a plank of wood and set it on an incline. Though it is possible to make your cornhole bags, you might want to buy regulation cornhole bags so that you get ones with the ideal weight and size. Besides that, you’ll just be decorating the cornhole board.

Giant Jenga

People are familiar with this popular game in its smaller form. But sizing it up makes it a fancier feat to draw out the specific pieces. Making this can be quite tedious since you will need to make multiple blocks and sand varnish them so that they are smooth and protected. Besides being work-intensive, it is pretty simple, so consider it as an initial project to get your feet wet.

Four in a Row

This one is a bit more complicated. It’s a nice little intellectual challenge to get four circles in a row and can be an excellent way to cool down. Making it is also more complicated. You will need to make a board with rows inside to accept the circles, while also cutting out the holes. This can be very challenging, and you might need some help with it.


If you’ve some experience landscaping, you might want to build a little racetrack for some remote-controlled cars. This is a significant project and can take weeks to do, along with the requisite planning. However, the final results can be impressive.

Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor

Playing games in your backyard is the perfect way to spend some lazy summer days. Besides, putting in all the work to play these games means that you deserve a reward. Gather some friends and play. Have fun under the sun and bring snacks and drinks for a fun backyard party.

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