Eco-friendly Shoppers Like You Should Support These Sustainable Brands

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Recently, the fashion industry has been at the center of many conversations about the climate emergency happening in the world as they have been causing major environmental problems. Overproduction, depletion of resources, and polluting the environment are some of the repercussions of fashion. They must be addressed as soon as possible if you still want to have a habitable planet for future generations.

With an annual 750% increase in textiles waste in the United States alone, since the 1960s, the fashion industry’s contribution to pollution accounts for 10% of total global emissions. No one can deny that these data are nothing short of alarming, and experts predict they will only continue to worsen until the fashion industry cleans its act up quickly.

Fortunately, consumers like you could also do something to ensure this problem doesn’t get any bigger than it already is. It would be best if you make more informed decisions by buying less, supporting small and independent fashion labels companies, and knowing which one among them is greenwashing you into buying their not-so eco-friendly products.

Being Fashionable Is Cool, But Being Sustainably Fashionable Is Cooler

Looking fashionable doesn’t have to be at the cost of the environment and the planet, as your trendy style wouldn’t go anywhere if there is no future for humanity. So, choose the lesser evil among these fashion labels, and buy from those who are truly making an effort to sell you sustainable clothes. They are not tough to find, as looking for sustainable brands is as easy as using an employee referral tracking app.

Sustainable or eco-friendly items are so common these days that many fashion brands want to ride the bandwagon by following suit and selling you recycled clothes and eco-friendly shoes. Of course, it’s good news since it’s beneficial for the environment for more people to support this trend. Still, some companies might only be deceiving you with their marketing strategies without actually making an effort to go green. But here are some that are truly making a change

Everyone needs proper shoes when you’re doing some of your favorite outdoor activities, workouts, and fitness routines. But, the world is suffering from too much plastic waste and many other environmental problems from footwear production. Fortunately, Adidas, one of the most well-known sports brands, became a game-changer when they started using ocean plastic garbage and used polyester to manufacture their latest clothing and footwear. It’s amazing how they use their position to promote green fashion and encourage other firms to do the same. So, if you need new sports apparel worth your money, then get them from Adidas.

A good pair of jeans is necessary, yet denim manufacturing is extremely detrimental to the environment since it produces so much waste. But there’s hope as Levi’s has upped their game by pledging to use 100% sustainably produced cotton in all of its products. Additionally, they also aim to manufacture them in their factories powered entirely by renewable energy. They have also vowed to cut their overall greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in a few years. Now, that’s a huge thing considering the company has been around for 168 years now.

It’s tough to find an all-around shop that sells undergarments, sportswear, shirts, shoes, and purses, which is why Stella McCartney is a go-to for many fashionistas. Recently, the company was also praised by many people for its decision to go green. Their products are also completely cruelty-free and created only with eco-friendly materials. The best part is that the company has also made transparency and honesty a focal point of their sustainable rebranding to bring awareness to more people about how they can help make the world a better place.

Pangaia is a business that prides itself on making goods that are both pleasant and soft on the skin without harming the environment, as they only use green resources like recycled plastic bottles and clean fibers.  The dyes they use for their colorful clothes are all plant-based and contain antibacterial ingredients to ensure that the clothes you buy from them stay fresh for longer, so you wouldn’t need to wash them all the time as this process harms the environment.

Lastly, the company feels that transparency is essential to ensure that their sustainability claims aren’t only greenwashing tactics that other brands do. Thus, all the information you’ll ever need about their production process is available online.

The Real Important Trend Is Sustainability


It’s inspiring to see a list of fashion brands doing their part to make the planet a better and greener place. So as a consumer, you should also do something to help this movement become bigger.


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