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Regardless of what business you run, you might have caused an irreversible impact on the environment one way or another. And these actions could give your business a negative image.

Undoubtedly, our planet is currently facing environmental crises, and it just keeps getting worse. As a result, consumers become more self-aware, intending to support businesses promoting eco-friendly approaches. Enterprises are then encouraged to hear the consumer’s sentiments and make significant changes- because as buyers learn more about the importance of going green, their buying habits become affected.

In a survey conducted in 2020, 57% of participants admitted that climate change had somehow affected their shopping habits, and about 71% of them said that they would make it a goal to buy sustainable products in the future.

That said, it’s critical for all kinds of businesses to practice sustainability to enhance their company’s brand and image and take part in preserving the planet. Here are some tips for growing a sustainable business.

Remote Work

We cannot deny that much of today’s work can be done online. This means there is not much need for employees to be present in the office. Remote work has started a few years back, allowing workers to have flexible schedules, which played a crucial role in a company’s sustainability.

Moreover, remote work is good for the environment as employees no longer need to commute to the office and return home. If most companies promote remote work, there will be fewer cars on the road, less traffic, and reduced air pollution.

Provide Transit For Employees

If working remotely is not possible and your business needs its employees to go to the office every day, there’s still a way for you to promote company sustainability. Commuting can significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

The most practical solution to somehow lessen the pollution caused by commuting is offering your employees transit, especially for them. Rent a bus or vanpools to fetch your employees from their houses and bring them all to the office. They no longer need to use their private cars, which are some of the most significant contributors to pollution.

Use Sustainable Products in the Office

A company needs specific items or products to function properly. Cleaning materials, computers, paper, or furniture pieces might impact the environment due to their components and the processes of making them.

Opt to use recycled products as a way to support eco-friendly approaches. For toilet paper and printer paper, go for products made from pre-consumer waste. These products are suitable for the environment as they sustain a circular economy and decrease planet waste.

Go Thrifting!

If you’re planning to give your office a fresh look by re-decorating the interior, keep in mind that you don’t always have to buy brand-new items.

Brand new chairs, tables, desks, and couches all require a lot of energy and raw material, which are harmful to the environment. Instead of buying new items for your office, find secondhand pieces or opt for recycled furniture.

By opting to use secondhand items, you help prevent them from being tossed away to landfills even though they are fully functional.

RRR: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The best way to reduce planet waste is by being responsible. Sustainability is more achievable if businesses practice the RRR or reduce, reuse, recycle method.

  • Reduce. Here, you need to deliberately reduce usage as much as possible. One great example is switching from paper plates and plastic cups to ceramic alternatives.
  • Reuse. Reusing items is vital to reducing waste. For example, using both sides of the paper to print internal documents.
  • Recycle. Recycling is also just as important. Many cities and establishments provide a particular bin for recyclable materials for a brand-new purpose.

Sustainable Packaging

Often, packaging materials go to waste. When consumers receive the goods they ordered online. They are usually thrilled to see what’s inside, as not everyone gives attention to packaging details. As a result, these materials used for packing such items end up in the trash, which is another contributor to land waste.

According to studies, consumers prefer compostable packaging materials (especially the cheap ones) over materials that do not decompose.

Work with Green Companies

Being a sustainable business is more than implementing green methods to your processes. It also includes supporting other companies that promote the same agenda. Remember, the success of sustainability is more likely attainable if green companies support one another.

Each company has its own impact on the environment, but they contribute to pollution, waste crisis, and climate change in general. Your approach to accomplishing sustainability might differ from other businesses, yet, that doesn’t mean that their approach is less efficient.

By working together, we are giving the planet a better chance at survival, allowing the future generation to enjoy what we have right now.

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