Unemployed and Stuck at Home? Consider These Online Income Opportunities

COVID-19, popularly known as the novel coronavirus, has shaken the entire world. Apart from infecting and killing thousands of people, the disease has hit the global economy badly and forced people to stay inside their homes. A report from The Guardian states that approximately one-fifth of the world’s population is currently under lockdown.  A Reuters article reveals that millions of individuals may lose their jobs due to the impact of the pandemic.

If you recently lost your job due to the economic impact of COVID-19, and are forced to stay home for weeks (or longer, depending on how things go), you may look for side gigs online to help you earn some money during this crisis.

Here are some of the moneymaking opportunities you can consider:

Article Writing

Writing articles and posting them online has many benefits. It allows businesses to share valuable information with their clients or target audience, helps with search engine rankings, and contributes to brand awareness.

Not sure where to start? Type article writing jobs work from home opportunities on Google and you’ll find tons of companies looking for talented article writers.

Guest Blogging

You can earn money by providing your services as a guest blogger. Guest blogging or guest posting is important for online businesses. It allows them to draw more traffic to their site, deliver fresh and engaging content to their target customers, and improve their brand credibility.

If you’re serious about becoming a guest blogger, you’ll need to do a lot of preparation, including brushing up on your grammar, establishing relationships with experts in your field, reaching out to publishers, and pitching your guest post.

Webinar Training

If you have excellent oral communication skills, think about hosting a webinar. Holding a webinar allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

If you want this to work out, you’ll need to have a good understanding of your chosen subject matter. You also need an audience to train. This requires you to have a strong online presence. It means that you need a website or a social media profile with a large following.

Lastly, you have to be comfortable in suggesting a product or selling a service at some point in your webinar. If you’re looking to teach people how to bake, for instance, you can hold a baking webinar and promote your cookbook to your audience.

Website Flipping

The idea of flipping a website is similar to flipping a house. You must find a website with good potential, purchase it, improve it, and sell it for a great price.

If you want to improve a website, you need to monetize it and increase the traffic coming into the site. When a site earns more traffic, it can generate revenue for you in the form of service or product sales, ads, and affiliate commissions. A website becomes more valuable when it can attract more quality traffic.

Online Surveys

person filling up a feedback form

Companies and marketing research groups are looking for people who can answer questions about a product, service, or trend. When you participate in an online survey, you may receive payment in exchange for your opinion.

Many surveys take less than an hour to complete. Make sure that you provide clear, consistent, and honest responses. While spending a few minutes of your time answering surveys will not make you rich, every effort you make will help you survive, especially during this crisis.

These opportunities including tutor agencies that offer tuition assignments can help you earn money during the COVID-19 crisis.  When you’re at home, stay healthy, keep a positive mindset, and do what you can to improve your finances.

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