Unique DIY Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed


Whether you’re a seasoned DIY pro or a weekend warrior, having the right tools in your arsenal is the key to success. But beyond the hammers, screwdrivers and saws that form the foundation of any DIY kit, there exists a world of unique equipment waiting to be discovered.

These hidden gems can revolutionise your projects, streamline processes and elevate your DIY game to the next level.

Cordless Chainsaw 

Ditch bulky axes and tedious handsaws for the powerhouse that is the cordless chainsaw. They are a game-changer for tackling tough outdoor jobs such as pruning overgrown branches cutting firewood or small demolition projects. Unlike its petrol-powered counterparts, cordless chainsaws are quieter, more environmentally friendly and require minimal maintenance.

When selecting your cordless chainsaw, consider a reputable brand known for power and reliability like Milwaukee tools. They offer a range of options, ensuring you find the perfect balance between power and portability for your specific needs.

Laser Levels 

Precision is made easy with a laser level so goodbye forever to wonky shelves and crooked picture frames! This gadget projects a precise horizontal or vertical line, ensuring perfect alignment for all your hanging and mounting tasks.

This versatile bit of kit is a lifesaver for DIY projects like installing cabinets, laying tile with immaculate grout lines or hanging wallpaper with crisp edges. Some of the best models of 2024 come with flexible clamps and self-levelling abilities to make every project easier.

Impact Wrench 

If you’ve ever battled with stubborn bolts or rusted nuts that refuse to budge, an impact wrench is about to become your new best friend. This power tool delivers high-torque bursts that effortlessly loosen even the most seized fasteners. It’s a must-have for automotive work and heavy-duty construction projects.

While impact wrenches come in various electric and air-powered options, cordless models offer unrivalled convenience, allowing you to work freely without the constraints of cords or hoses.

Tile Scriber 

Anyone who’s ever tackled a tiling project will know the importance of accurate cuts. Enter the tile scriber, a handy gizmo that ensures your tiles are perfectly sized and ready for a seamless installation.

This inexpensive gadget features a sharp carbide scoring wheel that effortlessly glides across the surface of your tile. Once you’ve scored the desired cut line, gently apply pressure with the included snapping tool, and the tile will break cleanly along the scored line.

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