Why an Unlocked Phone is Better for Business

When running a startup or a small business, saving money where you can is crucial. Did you know that an unlocked phone versus a locked phone could be one way to keep your operating costs manageable if not down?

A locked or carrier phone is different from unlocked and sim only contracts phones.

What’s a locked mobile phone?

When you buy a locked phone from a carrier, your phone is primarily dominated by the carrier service provider. Your wireless carrier sells the locked phone and a sim card that you can use to make calls, send text messages and access the internet. You’re restricted to using their network only and cannot switch to another network at time of need.

Also, you might notice random applications, ringtones, wallpapers, or logo updates that you cannot control. The software updates only occur when the carrier service provider brings any new changes to the software technology, which happens very rarely when you choose locked mobile phones.

What’s the disadvantage of having a carrier phone?

The most significant disadvantage of having a carrier-locked phone, for the retail consumer, is that you’re restricted to a particular network. It makes it tricky for the user to have an active network all the time.

But for an entrepreneur, a locked phone typically means being “locked” into a two-year contract. Enterprise customers like you may have to pay more; for expensive smartphones, you may end up paying thousands of dollars per year. Multiply that by the number of employees whose phones you’re subsidizing and you’re looking at a big cost, about $1,234 per year, per worker.

What is an unlocked phone?
Smartphone being used during the night

An unlocked phone does not indicate jail breaking or hacking a mobile phone device to access restricted applications and sites restricted by the government authorities. But it’s an entirely legal and trusted process of breaking the boundaries of a mobile phone to have free access to any network of the user’s choice.

The user has complete control over their device, and they can devise according to their preference which networks they want to operate.

How to get your phone unlocked

To unlock a locked mobile phone, you will have to either reach out to your carrier provider or check whether you are eligible to get the device unlocked. Many people aren’t eligible to get their phone unlocked until they have made the full payment for the device.

Also, the carrier intentionally takes a long duration to get the device unlocked. Instead, you could look for a local mobile phone service store that can help you unlock your device. Or the best choice is to opt for an online phone unlock service from trusted platforms.

Why should you get your phone unlocked?

By choosing an unlocked phone, you have the flexibility to choose sim only contracts that are suitable according to your use and needs.

Below you’ll learn about a few benefits you can attain by getting your phone unlocked.

1. You’re not restricted to expensive, fixed contracts

Most people sign up a contract with the carrier service provider because they offer exclusive deals and discounts on purchasing a new phone. However, it is an advertising gimmick that fools the customers.

The company knows how to get their money back by restricting you in a fixed contract. But when you choose an unlocked phone, you can get custom plans without any restriction.

2. Hassle-free traveling

You must bear high international roaming charges when you travel to other countries with a locked phone. But thankfully, that burden is not gone with unlocked phones. By choosing an unlocked phone, you can pop up any local sim card on your device and use it while you are vacationing in other countries.

If your workers travel, an unlocked phone saves them from changing their sim to another one that provides better wireless service in the city or country.

3. You get the freedom to choose a network

By having an unlocked phone that you already love, you won’t have to get involved in any promotion offer the carrier service provider provides to buy a new phone. You can choose any network without worrying about a service contractor. You can switch between two networks easily and get free services.

So you’ll find that most people now are switching to buying an unlocked mobile phone or getting their current phone unlocked to get better services and network freedom. If you haven’t yet explored the potential of an unlocked mobile phone, you might want to try it out now after reading this article.

You can also check out sim contracts that can fulfill your daily requirement of call, internet data, and messaging to enjoy the comfort of communicating and staying connected with the world.

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