The Consumer Services Field: Is This Your Next Career Venture

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The consumer services field is one of the industries bound to last for a long time. As long as there is a consumer that requires goods, there is a need for businesses in this industry. So, if you’re looking for a new career path or are considering venturing down the consumer services route, you’re off to a good start.

However, to make sure that you stay on the right path, you need to know the basics: what counts as consumer service? What companies are in the consumer services field? How do you even get a job in this industry?

What is Consumer Service?

What is consumer service? How does it differ from other industries like the capital goods industry?

In the field of economics, a consumer good is defined as a commodity that is manufactured/produced/created by a company and bought to satisfy the perceived demands of the consumer.

Most products are tangible, so you can physically compare them, measure their dimensions and count them. But there are some intangible products simultaneously produced and consumed to meet the customers’ current needs. These “invisible” yet on-demand products fall under the ‘consumer services’ category. Common forms of consumer services include landscaping, car repair or a haircut.

What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field?

So, what are the different types of companies included in the consumer services industry? The list includes financial consulting companies, healthcare centers, insurance companies, hospitality services, house interior design companies and home cleaning services are some examples.

What companies are in the consumer services field? Here’s a list.


Based in San Francisco, CA, Lyft is a consumer services company that develops, markets and operates a mobile app that offers vehicles for hire, ride-hailing services, bicycle-sharing systems, motorized scooters and food delivery. By the end of 2018, the company had more than 4,600 full-time employees. The number has grown since then.

There are many perks associated with working at Lyft. For one, there are equal opportunities for male and female employees in terms of leadership roles, incentive programs and promotions. Employees who are mothers also benefit from job security and paid parental leave policies (as well as support for returning mothers).

Employees also report a strong sense of belonging; you will always feel welcome and included.

American Home Shield (AHS)

American Home Shield is a consumer services company based in Memphis, TN. This home warranty business administers home service contracts on major home appliances and systems. As of 2022, AHS is the biggest and most established business in the home warranty industry. It represents 42 percent of the market in the United States.

One of the biggest pros of working at AHS is its support for diversity. The company’s people and programs prioritize inclusion, equity, belonging and diversity. Employees are comfortable with bringing their self to work since they are always welcomed and respected. They also benefit from countless management opportunities. As long as you work hard, you increase your chances of becoming a manager.

Van Michael Salon

Van Michael Salon, headquartered in Roswell, FA, offers hairstyling and makeup services recognized by popular magazines like Allure and Elle. The salon is also known for hiring talented stylists that undergo extensive training in customer care and technical skills to maximize their guest experience. There is an abundance of learning opportunities for employees via on and off-site training, conferences and speakers.

Enrichment is a big PLUS for people working at Van Michael Salon. Employees benefit from mentorship or sponsorship programs, as well as employee-focused affiliate groups

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a personal finance company best known for its free credit report and credit scores. On its website, the company guarantees consumers a better chance to “build a better financial future.” Based in San Francisco, CA, Credit Karma prioritizes championing financial progress for more than 110 million members in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Ninety-six percent of employees at Credit Karma consider their company a great place to work. This is due to the company prioritizing employee wellbeing and career growth. When it comes to paid time-off, employees benefit from vacation days, sick days and personal days. They are also provided with plenty of learning opportunities, as well as social activities like company outings, happy hours and a game room.

Stanley Steemer

Headquartered in Dublin, OH, this consumer services company provides upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and grout cleaning. The business also performs water damage restoration services, as well as sells a line of cleaning products for office and home use.

Stanley Steemer employees rave about its great leadership, as well as the countless opportunities to earn more. You get job security, full benefits and, on top of that, you’ll enjoy a good work environment. One of the cons that come with the job, however, is the long hours.

How Do You Get a Job in the Customer Services Industry?

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So, how do you score a job in the consumer services field? (Photo by fauxels at Pexels)

Are you interested in becoming a part of the consumer services family? It’s time to apply!

Scoring a job within this industry depends on your skills, personality and connections. If you don’t have the connections, that’s OK. Just make sure you do the following:

  1. Understands the field. What do consumer services entail? Do you know what to expect in the industry? It pays to know what you’re getting into. Do your research on the industry: its pros and cons, benefits and more.
  2. Update your skills. It’s never too late or too early to equip yourself with new skills. Boost your knowledge by attending workshops, participating in language classes, reading more books or signing up for training.
  3. Write your resume. A well-written resume can give you a competitive advantage over other job seekers. Just make sure that it covers all of the company’s needs for hiring employees.
  4. Prepare for the interview. Seal the deal by preparing for your interview! Research the company and learn more about your job description. How can the company benefit from you? Why should they hire you? Also, work on your confidence and speaking skills to positively impact your interviewer.


The Bottom Line

As long as there are consumers, there will always be a need for consumer services. This assures that people in the industry need not worry about job security. So, if you’re interested in working in this field, start writing your resume!

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