What You Need to Know to Market Your Jewelry Effectively

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If you find it hard to market your jewelry, there might be something lacking in the process of promoting your precious item. Jewelry retouching services can significantly help you with this matter. Find out how to market your jewelry to marvel your customers.

In selling any item, the way you present it affects the outcome of your sales. When you know the things to avoid when marketing your product, especially jewelry, you can be successful in every trade. Get to know the things you must avoid when taking pictures of your product.

Scanty Preparation

When taking pictures of any product, it’s crucial that your item is tidy — without noticeable marks that your customers will see. Examples are fingerprints, dirt, etc. You might not notice it when looking at your jewelry with your naked eyes, but once you take a photo using your high-resolution camera, some impurities will become evident on the image.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Clean the item and make it shiny.
  • Wear gloves when handling items subject for a photo shoot.

Inconsistent Images of Products

If you need to take a picture of several items for presentation, for example, exhibiting them on your website, most probably you won’t finish the task in just one go (one day). Most likely, you’ll be able to complete the job in several days.

According to expert photographers with marketing knowledge, your key to creating a more appealing presentation to customers is by sustaining consistency. Assemble your peripherals — camera, lighting, and background consistently, and then position the product on the right spot (a firm surface) to avoid changes in every product image. You might need to use a tripod to hold your camera still.

Choosing the Wrong Background

You might be one of those viewers who see white background as boring, but you can see them in significant product websites on the internet. Some photos of products are presented with a white background. It has been noted that white or neutral background helps the audience focus more on the product.

If you’re not skilled in coming up with a distinct background that will make your product stand out, use a piece of white paper as the background or you can make a wooden box painted in white for your convenience.

Unnecessary Reflections and Shadows

Some inexperienced photographers just take pictures without checking the things surrounding the product to be captured. Examples of these mistakes are:

  • Showing reflection of the light bulb on the surface below your product
  • The authentic colors of your jewelry were not achieved because of some shadows
  • Your product photo looks dull because if improper light diffusion when you take the picture

Use two flashlights to illuminate both sides of your product. You can also use an umbrella or white cloth to diffuse light perfectly.

Bonus Information

Diamond Stud Earrings with Reflection

Avoid integrating props with the item that you want to market unless you’re making fashion photography. Props are used to exude style, but they don’t help in product shots as they pull the viewers’ attention out of your primary product.

When you need help in making a seamless and perfect product presentation, you can always count on experts in photo editing and jewelry retouching solutions. Find the right service provider near you to ensure a successful jewelry sale.

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