Uncut Gems: How the Safdie Brothers Revolutionized Cinema

Uncut Gems is a widely acclaimed movie that looks into a jeweler with a serious gambling addiction. It has gotten many critics in awe with its actors’ performances, and its adrenaline-pumping set pieces. But what exactly made Uncut Gems such a great movie, and how did it revolutionize the movies we know of today?

Amazing Performance

Adam Sandler’s performance was phenomenal in the movie which was supported amazingly by breakthrough actress Julia Fox and veteran actress Idina Menzel. Kevin Garnett, a retired basketball player who has combined earnings of over $326 million throughout his career, also had a big role in the movie. His pivotal borderline obsessiveness with the gem was a big highlight, which started the overall plot.

These actors and actresses gave it they’re all in shooting this movie. We all saw a side of Sandler that we never thought we would have seen, and it shows that the man can act after all these years.

Those Gems are Real

If there is one thing that Uncut Gems did well is the presentation of jewelry. This is the highlight of the film and there were actually some talks of getting a company that did photo editing for a jewelry e-commerce shop to do take some shots of the different pieces of jewelry they had in the movie, just in case people wanted to buy it online. Yes, you heard that right, the jewelry found in the movie can be purchased both through online and physical means. It even has its own pop-up shop in New York!

Every Scene Has a Purpose

Uncut Gems is a movie you don’t expect to have an adrenaline rush from watching, and yet, it gives audiences that feeling. There are barely any filler scenes, as each scene was shot with a purpose in mind. All of it drives the plot moving while exploring the inherent flaws each character has.

Uncut gems memorable scene

Camera movement also seems to add even more into these scenes as each shot shows a dynamic look into the characters. Their facial reactions are almost comical, and yet very real. Furthermore, the environment around each shot tells more of the story as well. If you watch the movie again, you’ll see how every scene connects to one another almost realistically, as if there is a huge possibility of it happening in real life.

Authentic Cinematography

If there is one thing that Uncut Gems did super well is its desire to show the authenticity of its settings and characters. The movie was shot in an authentic shop in New York, showcasing the prestigious decadence that these shops have in store, as well as its claustrophobic elements. It adds a genuine setup, and a look into the life of many jewelers, and their high-risk businesses.

The characters in the movie were genuinely flawed. Sandler’s character was an impulsive gambler, willing to bet everything on the line, while Fox’s character urged him to continue living such a life. Each played an almost parasitic relationship with one another, and yet people want them to win by the end of the movie, because of their underdog status.

This authentic look into characters in the movie is barely done by many other directors simply because there isn’t enough time for it. But the Safdie Brothers showed that it is possible to do if you structure your movie well and shoot your scenes with purpose.

A Good Time

There are a lot of similarities in the way Uncut Gems is made if you compare it to the Safdie brothers’ previous film Good Time. The shots, the characters, and the plot of both of the films have are hectic and will drive you to the back of your seat. But that’s what made the Safdie brothers known.

People who watch Uncut Gems will never get bored, especially with its structure. The conflict of the plot stays the same, but organically it changes into different forms. As more and more complications enter the film, the more audiences urge the characters to just press on the breaks and give up. It fills people with anxiety as the characters enter into this almost downward spiral into madness, and yet the solution to the conflict of the movie is the most ridiculous one. The solution to the main character’s problem is the addiction he has always gravitated towards, but only the audience can tell if such a solution is worth it in the end.

This is where the Uncut Gems shine the most, leaving viewers in awe of what they have watched, and contemplating whether if the underdogs of the movie did prevail. It’s hard given thought, but one that will be talked about for many years, and why the movie is considered to be perfect by many.

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