Why Your Food Business Should Have Delivery Services Right Now

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These uncertain economic times should have already shown you how important it is to offer valuable and convenient services to your customers. As a food business, offering takeout and delivery services should be at the core of your operations. How can your food business survive in a world where people are being asked to stay home and not dine in? How can your restaurant make a profit if its target market is scared to death of contracting the disease when they step out of the house?

Consider applying for an auto loan, so you can get the needed vehicles for your delivery services. You can also partner with ride-hailing and food delivery services such as Grab and Uber but these companies usually charge higher than in-house delivery services. It would do you well to have an in-house team that can deliver to different parts of the city. You may use third-party platforms only when the delivery location is outside your usual area.

In the new norm, the demand for food convenience has increased. People have traditionally liked ordering food and having it delivered to their homes. But the pandemic has even increased this demand because of necessity, boredom, survival, and the multitude of offers in the market.

The Numbers Have Been Rising Pre-COVID-19

As you know, delivery services aren’t new. The food delivery orders in the United States made up about 7% of restaurant sales in 2016. The number has been steadily increasing since then. And as more restaurants are expected to shift to takeout and delivery services because of the impact of the pandemic, those numbers will likely make a jump again.

In February 2020, takeout orders were at 19%. This was before the World Health Organization (WHO) categorized the new strain of coronavirus as a pandemic. By March and April, when some states enforced lockdown measures, that number went up to 22%. Restaurants offering online ordering saw this part of their business grow by as much as 20% in sales.

So really, why shouldn’t you offer takeout and delivery services? Why should you be forced to make dining in work when the circumstances are different now? The popularity of delivery services will only continue to rise. It shows no signs of slowing down.

Simple and Convenient

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Online delivery services are a no-fuss business model. Customers visit the website or page where they can see the menu. They’ll click on the items they want, as well as where to deliver the food and the date and time. They can also choose how to make payments—whether to pay online or pay upon delivery. The platform then sends this information to you. You’ll prepare the order, make sure everything’s right, and have them delivered straight away.

It’s a perfect idea. It makes it easy for people right now to have food delivered to their homes, especially for those who can’t go out because of fear of contracting the virus. It’s also beneficial for people who don’t have time to stop by the grocery and prepare meals at home. Even pre-school kids can order their own food because the process is so convenient.


You will have a better chance of recuperating your investments when you offer a completely new line of sales, which is what food delivery is. Aside from a possible return on investment (ROI) from operating the dining area of your restaurant, you’re also amplifying your online deliveries. That generates income to increase the revenue of your business.

Not only that, but you’re investing in your relationship with your customers. You’re offering a convenient way for them to eat their favorite food without having to visit your store. Through online deliveries, you will continue to serve your most loyal customers, as well as new ones.

Online Visibility

Online food delivery increases your online presence. This kind of service makes your business more visible to your target market. You’re not only boosting awareness among your clientele, but you’re reaching out to those who haven’t heard of you before. The combination of offline and online availability will convince people to try out your offers.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to promote your food business. Even today, people are constantly looking for new restaurants to try. They search for information on the internet, particularly on social media and restaurant aggregator apps.

Food businesses are in a no-compromise position. If they want to survive this economic downfall, they must embrace food delivery as part of their overall business operations. For some, the delivery of food may be at the very core of staying afloat during these times.

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