Winter is Here: How to Prepare Your House for the Cold Season

A lot of homeowners dread the winter season because of the harsh weather. If you fail to make the necessary preparations, you will likely have to endure the cold for the next few months. You will suffer from a lot of illnesses if you do not prepare your home for the winter season. As the cold days start to approach, you will have to make sure that your shelter is capable of keeping you warm. Here are some of the maintenance tasks you need to perform if you want a warmer place during the winter season:

Get the Furnace Up and Running

The cold will find a way to enter your shelter no matter how much you barricade your home. The temperature will be dropping, and you will be suffering from the cold, which means that you will need a weapon to help you warm up your house. Fortunately, most properties have a built-in furnace, which helps homeowners keep room temperature. However, you will likely be using the furnace for the winter season, which is only a few months during the year. You might notice that the appliance is not functioning properly, which is why you must perform maintenance tasks as the cold weather starts to arrive. If your furnace is working, you will be cutting your winter problems in half. You can also install a thermostat to help you control the temperature of the house.

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Protect the Windows

You need to be aware that the cold can do a lot of damage to your property. Heavy snow piling up over your house can cause structural damage to your roof. Exposure to harsh weather might cause problems for your car. Your windows, however, will be the ones suffering from the most damage. Window screens left outside the winter cold will likely be useless because the metal will become brittle. The glass will not do well in freezing weather as well. You might notice that you are feeling a few cold breezes enter your house, which can happen if your window has air leaks. You will have to remove the window screens and keep them at your garage to protect the integrity of your windows. The glass will survive the cold as long as you do not throw objects at it, which is common knowledge among homeowners. You must also seal the air leaks to keep your house warm.

Prepare Your Hot Water Supply

Everything you own will be cold, but the water supply will be freezing. Taking a shower with cold water will be terrifying during the winter season, which is why homeowners need their supply of hot water. Unfortunately, it will be challenging to keep water warm, especially if your pipes do not have proper insulation. Keep the pipes warm to help supply yourself with hot water. You will also have to insulate them to prevent freezing and keep the water tank warm with the help of a silicone drum heater. You can use multiple appliances to help you boil water, but warming up the source will be more efficient.

The winter season can feel like a moment of torture for the unprepared homeowners. If you want your time under the harsh weather to be tolerable, you need to make the proper preparations ahead of time.


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