Awesome DIY Lawn Games for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

You chose an outdoor reception for your wedding to escape the restrictive nature of the indoors. Not to mention this also opens up plenty of possibilities to make your wedding more fun and memorable. A killer way to entertain guests of any age is to have lawn games everyone can play.

Here are some of the best choices.


Regardless of your wedding’s theme, cornhole would be a great fit. Not only is the game playable by anyone, it’s also easy to personalize. If you and your fiance are DIY lovers, you can make your own cornhole and customize the bags, cupholders, boards, and scoreboards to fit your theme.

If you have an old cornhole board, you can also redesign it using vinyl wraps with reviews over at Cornhole Worldwide. Fit your board with LED lights or buy custom cornhole boards, so you and your guests can play the game even at night.


Who doesn’t love a good old game of Jenga? And even if someone hasn’t played it before (which is highly unlikely), the mechanics are pretty straightforward despite being such a tricky game. Amp it up for your big day by setting up giant, human-sized Jenga blocks your guests can destroy and build. Customize the blocks by having your names and wedding date etched onto each piece.

You can also make the giant Jenga game a DIY project. Head over to the hardware store, get some lumber, and have them cut into 54 blocks. Then customize them using a laser cutter or engraver, and they’d be ready for action on your reception.

Ring toss

Ring toss

A classic, carnival-inspired game, ring toss will surely bring the competitive spirit out of every guest. It is also a highly customizable and inexpensive game that you can set up without spending a dollar.

You can build the set using empty PET bottles. And if you don’t have enough circular things to make a ring, you can simply use a rope tied to the shape of a ring, an appropriate wedding-themed flair. Have some extra fun by writing the names of your guests and bridal party members on the bottles and rings, and pair them up according to the names they pick.


Another classic game that everyone will certainly enjoy, Yahtzee is pretty easy to set up. You only need some dice and scoresheets. But remember, this is your big day, where grandeur is paramount. Magnify the normal Yahtzee and make the entire lawn your playing field!

You only need a trusty bucket, score sheet printouts, and giant dice. There are plenty of stores online that sell Yardzee sets, but you can also recycle old buckets and make DIY jumbo dice. All you need is 4”x4”x6’ wood fence posts from the local hardware store, sandpaper, spray paint (your choice of color), and adhesive outdoor vinyl for your dice dots. Cut the fence post into five 4-inch cubes, and sand each side until it’s smooth. Afterwards, spray paint the cubes, before placing the dice dots.

If it hasn’t yet, let it be said that a couple that DIYs together, stays together. Creating these games for your wedding reception is a great bonding opportunity for you and your partner. The DIY projects and the fun they will bring to your wedding reception would certainly help you build a solid and fun future together.

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