Finding “The One”: Choosing the Right Implementation Partner

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As companies grow and expand, more components and processes are added which, in turn, makes it harder to have each part and step coordinate with each other.

This is where business software and information management systems come in, to centralize and bridge each aspect of the business. By choosing to integrate business management into your operations, your business has taken a huge step in optimizing its workflow and productivity.

However, just as vital as choosing the right enterprise software for your company is finding the right implementation partner. Implementation Partners not only assist you with how to utilize the software but tailor-fit it to your business needs. Certain business software developers and companies such as ServiceNow make it easier for companies to search for implementation partners by having their own list of accredited partners you can choose from.

So, now that you have a list of partners to choose from, here are a few pointers to keep in mind on how to choose the best ServiceNow implementation partner for your company:

Background and Track Record

In any business partnership, background checking is and should always be mandatory. If you’re choosing from the list of partners provided by the developers themselves, then the legitimacy of the implementation partner would no longer be an issue. But rather, focus on their track record and clients. Do they have clients that have similar business models as yours? Have they worked with clients under the same industry? If you can, speak to the businesses that have already partnered with and get their unbiased opinion and review. Everything else that follows should be part of the background check.

They Know the Software and the Developers

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The main role of the implementation partner is to enhance and tailor the business software or system to your company’s needs and workflow, so it goes without saying that they need to be experts of the software or system. As mentioned earlier, business software/system developers like ServiceNow often have a comprehensive list of implementation partners for you to choose from. It would be mandatory to stick with the list provided, as they are well-versed and trained on the system, and have direct communication with the developers.

They Know Your Business

A developer-accredited implementation partner is an expert on the software, but they also need to know your business/industry. Choosing a partner who has little or only basic knowledge of your business and its workflow may still work, but you’d both be wasting precious time and resources. Choose a partner that’s had clients under the same industry as yours.

They Have the Resources

An implementation partner’s resources should fit your company’s size and scope. Do they have enough manpower to partner with your business’ scale? Can they still be able to assist you with international or global operations? A potential implementation partner may say yes to all these or promise that they can increase their manpower and other resources to fit your needs. While that is good and all, it would help immensely if you can ask their clients to get impartial information regarding this issue.

The business software you’ve chosen can improve in your workflow, but having an implementation partner can bring the software to its full potential and, subsequently, your business. Now that you have your checklist ready, it’s time to choose the implementation partner that will bring out the best in your company.

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