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It has been a difficult year for everyone, especially in terms of finances. Businesses across the world had to close their offices, if not shift to remote work status. TIME magazine called it the “world’s largest work from home experiment.” Despite experiencing drastic changes in the workplace structure, 2020 has proven that remote work is a permanent fixture of the future — which is a plus for those who want to earn more via part-time, work-from-home jobs.

Part-time remote work jobs are great options for people who already work full-time but want to earn more dough. Work-from-home jobs that are part-time offer the flexibility employees need to still excel in their current job while earning extra money and learning new skills on the side (without having to leave the comforts of their home).

What Kind of Work Can I Do from Home? Benefits of Part-Time Remote Work

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“Can I really do part-time work at home? Are there even jobs for that?” you might ask.

First, you can do part-time work at home. It’s easier than getting part-time work outside, especially in the present climate. Thanks to the internet, all you need is a stable connection and a laptop (or desktop) to earn additional dough.

Second, there are plenty of jobs (which will be enumerated below).

Plus, part-time, work from home jobs allows you to learn new skills that you can add to your resume, as well as try a new career without leaving your current job. You can even make more money with a hobby (e.g. writing).

With a part-time remote job, you gain the flexibility needed to continue working your full-time job without the stress of regular schedule expectations or commute. You also have a sense of security in case you leave your current job. No need to worry about money while applying for other positions; you have your part-time job to take care of that.

With that said, here are some jobs you might come across when you search “part-time work from home jobs near me” in your local search engine.

What are the Best Work from Home, Part-Time Jobs?

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Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks are responsible for adding information or data into a business’s online database. Their primary duties involve filling in records, spreadsheets, documents and other important files. Many data entry positions are flexible; employers often allow their part-time team to work at their own time. Also,  data entry clerks make an average base salary of $2,247.

Social Media Specialist

If you’re an avid social media user and have experience in marketing and strategizing, hit two goals with one stone by becoming a social media specialist.

Social media specialists plan, execute and monitor strategies for businesses that want to grow their brand, drive more traffic to their website, increase sales and gain a bigger following online. This part-time job is ideal for individuals who have a background in digital marketing or want to gain experience in online marketing.

Virtual Assistant

Currently, many businesses are operating mostly online. For this reason, many companies are hiring virtual assistants (VA) to keep their administrative tasks organized. These independent contractors support different clients from a variety of industries by providing creative, technical and administrative services.

Although no two VA jobs are the same, the common tasks include responding to emails, responding to business and media inquiries, creating and distributing business-related documents, creating content and more.

The pay varies from one job to another but the average pay of virtual assistants is at $26,000. How much you earn, however, depends on the company your work for and the skill required for your daily tasks.

Online Stylists

If you have a flair for fashion and want to help people over the internet, consider becoming an online stylist.

Online stylists curate several outfits for clients through a business’s online styling platform. Stylists help their clients achieve their desired look by mixing and matching clothes that strike a balance between fashion and comfort.

As an online stylist, you are also responsible for responding and communicating with customers to address their concerns and questions. Online stylists should also work around their clients’ schedules, so you have to be flexible with your time.

Web Developer

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It’s easy to build your website now. Much of the population, however, does not have the time or is not equipped to build their website, which is why they turn to freelance web developers. People with basic web design skills can make a living just by building blogs and websites for others.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16 percent of web designers were self-employed in 2018. A majority of them worked remotely — whether at home or anywhere with a stable Internet connection.

You don’t need an advanced degree to succeed in web development. All you need is applicable experience and a portfolio of websites you’ve built or managed. You also need to know how to improve web content readability and user experience.  If you want to level up your skills, there are many free learning opportunities online. Join intensive coding boot camps to learn more programming skills in just a few months.

Freelance Writer

Writers create content, formulate news articles and conceive creative ideas that dominate every web page on the Internet. Although many known websites have in-house web writers, many of smaller platforms outsource their content by hiring freelance content creators and writers. As a writer, your job is to create a compelling business blog or content for your employers.

A writing experience gives you a credential boost, but the ability to find a unique angle on events can also help.

Websites like list online writing jobs. To get hired, you’ll need some writing samples or a portfolio of work to include in your resume.

English as a Second Language (ESL) or PSLE Instructor

ESL instructors teach students who need to master the English language. Most of the students do not use English as their native language; hence, they need assistance in reading, writing, and speaking. ESL teachers can use creative lesson plans or mediums to help their students work on their English skills.

Best English tuition for PLSE and ESL teachers often conduct their lessons online using video conferencing software, which makes it an ideal work-from-home, part-time job.

Online Fitness Coach

Most people depend on online gyms to stay in shape while staying safe. Attend to their needs by serving as an online fitness coach. Similar to physical coaches, online coaches help clients reach their fitness goals but from the convenience of their homes. They are in charge of creating custom workout and meal plans that are tailored to their clients’ preferences and fitness needs. They can also schedule times for live workshops or workouts.

How Can I Find Part-Time, Work-from-Home Jobs?

There are plenty of websites that list job postings. Apart from Upwork, you can try, and When searching for jobs on these sites, use specific keywords like “work from home” and enter “remote” or “anywhere” in the location field.

Before you start looking for a part-time remote job, however, complete your resume first. If you have done online work before, provide links to your works. References are also helpful. This will increase your credibility with employers.

How to Balance a Full-Time and a Part-Time Job

Balancing two jobs can be difficult, but not impossible — as long as you know how to manage them. Consider the following tips:

  • Stay organized. Set up a schedule and prioritize your tasks. Seeing your tasks written down can help you feel more organized.
  • Do what you can handle only. Apply for part-time, work-from-home jobs that will not compromise your work-life balance. Find a job that you enjoy so that it won’t feel like work at all. Also, consider going for a second job that offers flexibility in terms of deadlines.
  • Take breaks. You’re no superhero. Remember to give yourself time to enjoy time outside of work.
  • Keep your jobs separate. Block your schedule so you can separate the times needed to complete each job. Focusing on one job at a time can help you feel more productive and increase your performance.

If you need the additional income or wish to learn new skills outside of your current work, consider part-time, home-based jobs. Take advantage of the internet’s wellspring of job postings so you can earn more and improve yourself while maintaining a steady source of income.

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