Reduce Turnover in the Waste/Recycling Industry with These Tips

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Employee turnover is a common problem among industries that rely on the workforce to operate. In the waste/recycling industry, people quit for various reasons. This includes mismanagement, job mismatch, poor work environment, lack of clear career path, and inadequate pay. This turnover issue can have a considerable impact on your daily operation. That’s why it’s essential to get to the root of the problem and address it. But how?

One way is to hire waste industry staffing professionals who will help find the right people that will stay. However, this alone won’t suffice. You also need to do your part to reduce turnover, starting with the following.

Manage employees the right way

Employees who don’t understand the basics of their job will eventually harm the productivity of the workforce. This is because managers failed to adequately explain and set expectations, as well as provide adequate training. As a manager, you have to be proactive in managing your employees.

Designate people accordingly

Putting the wrong people in the wrong spots can not only affect the quality of work, but it can also impact your employees. For instance, placing someone who’s been trained to operate the conveyor belt in the garbage collection will not do well with the task. His constant errors will leave him feeling demotivated, which may lead him to quit the job.

Provide a safe environment

Safety is important if you want to retain your workforce. This is especially true in the waste/recycling industry, where employees are exposed to chemicals and machine hazards every day. While the risks can’t be totally eliminated, you can significantly reduce it by complying to safety protocols and providing safety training to your staffs.

Develop a career path for employees

Employees want to progress in their careers. If they stay in a job for too long and stagnate, there’s a bigger chance for them to quit their job. As their manager, you should show them a clear path and help them advance on their careers. Provide them opportunities to get promoted, or even training to improve their skills.

Offer competitive pay and benefits

Research the market and compare how other businesses pay their employees. You wouldn’t want to pay them below the standard wage in the waste/recycling industry because this will leave them looking for another job. Aside from competitive pay, you should also consider giving benefits to your people. For instance, health insurance would be perfect since your employees are exposed to various safety hazards daily.

Hire the right people

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Take time to find the right fit for the job. Rushing to employ someone just to fill the vacant position would only cause you turnover issues in the future. It’s best to spend some time looking for a more committed employee who fits in with your business culture. For this matter, seeking the help of a waste industry staffing agency specializing in your field can be your best decision for your business.

Great employees quit their job because of issues they experience within the business. It could be the pay, the career opportunities, the environment, or the way how they are managed. Whatever the case, you have to get to the root of the problem to address employee turnover in your company.

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