Tech Tools Every Company Should Know For Better Workplace Communication

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The Importance of Internal Communication
Good internal communication allows everyone to be informed of different updates, plans, and any ongoing operations, which subsequently allows for better decision-making, accurate reporting, and improved coordination. Not only that, but good internal communication can help build your company’s culture, as well as contribute in establishing good workplace relationships.

Additionally, communication permits feedback and discussion which is integral in improving operations and decisions, as well as providing a way to share and exchange ideas. Lastly, communication allows everyone in the workplace to be alerted and also to stay calm in times of crisis. So, to improve internal communication, a company should consider adopting these tools:

Phone Systems

Phones have been the staple communication tool for external and internal communication. Internal phone systems are the quickest way to communicate, no more keystrokes or sending delays, which means faster exchange of information, and ensuring that instructions and information are clearly delivered. Your company would want to invest in hybrid IP PBX phone systems to ensure the best voice quality and reliable call connection when talking within the company or even when receiving long-distance calls from clients or other sites.

Better Email

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Email isn’t exactly new, in fact, it’s become such an integral mode of file-sharing and internal communication tool for many companies and organizations. As such, we’re talking about having a better email platform beyond just simple sending and receiving of files and messages. Your company should be using an email platform that’s encrypted and has better security against phishing and other malicious email-based cyber-attacks. You’d also want to use a platform that provides better access, allowing those within the company to use different (authorized and password-protected) devices. There are also email platforms that allow you additional features such as improved search and sorting to improve productivity.

Instant Messaging

As with email, companies have been using software that allow for instant messaging, group chatrooms, and sitewide announcements. Instant messaging is a lot quicker than email, allowing you to ask, request, and respond immediately, which is vital if you’re working in a fast-paced office. You can invest in an instant messaging platform for your company that’s secure, encrypted, and can be used in multiple devices (including tablets and phones).


Video-conferencing allows you to speak between different people within the organization and allows those involved to get visual cues such as body language and seeing the physical surroundings (which is useful if you’re communicating with those who are off-site or in the field). Some video conferencing platforms even allow you to share and show graphs and reports.

Social Intranet

Imagine Facebook or Twitter, but only exclusive for the company. This communication tool allows for a more relaxed and casual platform to communicate, contribute and share ideas, as well as making announcements or celebrating milestones in the company.

Project Management Software

These types of software marry both management and communication by allowing you to assign and schedule tasks, provide and ask for updates, share files and reports, and easily communicate with the team. Some even have built-in video conferencing features and file-sharing and storing features.


Communication between the customer and the business is integral to ensure customer satisfaction and proper delivery of goods and services, but internal communication within the company is arguably a lot more vital for the company, which is why it’s important to take advantage of these tools in order to further improve and advance a company’s internal workplace communication and, in turn, improve the company itself.

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