It’s All About the Packaging: Ideas for Small Businesses

 FACT: plain and practical packaging is a thing of the past. With many consumers practicing an “unboxing” culture, how you package your products is more important now than before. As a result, more brands are adopting unique and innovative packaging styles to stay ahead of their competitors.

The same holds true for small businesses. Many lesser-known brands are gaining popularity, thanks to the growing unboxing culture on social media. Since more consumers are after a great unboxing experience, more brands now consider unique packaging as a must-have, not just a differentiator.

Fortunately, the battle for packaging is a fair game among businesses. So, if you’re a small business, don’t worry. You can win more consumers with out-of-the-box small business packaging ideas. Whether you’re selling boxed packaged goods or products in a tube, a little creativity goes a long way.

Take a Page from the Bigger Brands’ Books

Big businesses provide their customers with the ultimate unboxing experience, thanks to their cool packaging. They follow a consistent rule in packaging: your packaging material should always be on-brand to help customers identify you easily.

For instance, slime shops like Peachybbies set themselves apart with cute packaging (apart from their quality slimes). The bright yellow box is decorated with the cute Peachybbies logo. Inside the box, you’re greeted by cute packing peanuts (which are often pastel-colored), candies and slime in cute packaging. So, whenever customers remember a bright yellow box with cute packing peanuts and candies, they remember this TikTok-famous slime shop.

When packaging is memorable, the same can be said about the products. A good unboxing experience promotes customer retention and loyalty, as well as satisfaction. With unboxing videos reigning supreme on social media, it pays to focus on your small business packaging plan and ideas.

Small Business Packaging Ideas

small business packaging ideas
Attract more customers with creative packaging (Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA production via Pexels)

So, how can you make your business stand out with your packaging? How can you make bottled and jarred goods look good and not too basic? Consider the following ideas:

Think of the Color

Your design should align with your business’s brand palette. It should also reflect your product’s purpose.

Think Coca-Cola. The soda brand is known for its iconic red cans, which are a color that is consistent with its promise of authentic taste. Luxury brand Paul Smith packs their clothes in an elegant packaging that uses colors from their signature stripe pattern. Apple, known for its simple yet innovative products packages its gadgets in white boxes.

If you want something simple yet elegant, go for a monotone look. If you are selling products that promote health and wellbeing, color your products in analogous colors or complementary shades. If you want your products to stand out on the shelf, go for contrast prints or eye-catching patterns. For high-energy items, go for bright colors.

Think Outside of the Box

Think of your jars, boxes or bags as blank canvasses you can be creative with. The possibilities are endless: stylized images that wrap around the edges, patterned bottoms and contrasting sides. Wherever there is a surface, there is an opportunity for design.

If your products have separate components, add compartments. While you want your packaging to be pretty, it should also be effective at keeping your items safe.

Think Eco-Friendly

More businesses are following the sustainable packaging trend. More than a trend, eco-friendly packaging helps both the consumer and producer reduce their impact on the environment. Sustainable small business packaging reduces your ecological footprint at all stages in the production process. On top of that, it shows that you care.

For example, if you use recycled paper instead of plastic, it shows your consumers that your business minds the environment.

There are many ways to make your packaging more sustainable. Start by introducing a natural design to your product packaging. How about using recycled stock components instead of purchasing plastic? You can also start wrapping your products instead of boxing them.

Think of Showing What’s on the Inside

Many foods and drink companies are realizing that their products should speak for themselves. So, how does this fit in terms of small business packaging?

It’s all about using clear packaging to your advantage. Customers usually want to see the food or beverage they’re purchasing. Let them do this by using clear packaging. However, don’t just leave it like that. Use packaging inserts! These inserts can be personalized, which adds a wow factor to your products. It is also a sure-fire way to make them stand out. These inserts can be free samples, discount vouchers or a hand-written thank you note.


Packaging has made it possible for small businesses to gain leverage over their bigger competitors. By being creative with how you pack your products. Remember: the best things can still come in the smallest of packages!

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