Some Blunders Brands and Photographers Make When Shooting Jewelry

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When it comes to photography, you have to be discerning. This is especially true when it comes to products. You need to make sure that your products will look good. After all, your products represent your brand, and you will need to have a good, credible image.

Truthfully, shooting jewelry is among the most difficult types of product photography. This is because of the heavy requirements in sets and equipment. On top of that, the photographer and the creative director will have to be attentive to details. Otherwise, they may end up missing things that will affect the quality and aesthetics of the materials. If you are looking to improve your product photography, you need to make sure that you avoid some common mistakes

The blunders below serve as your guide to effectively and efficiently shooting jewelry products. Note that you have to work with the right photographer that actually specializes in this type of engagement to ensure that you will have high-quality output.

Photography Mistake #1: Not Cleaning the Jewelry

Simply because your pieces are already flashy does not mean that you will just put them under light raw. You have to make sure that your jewelry pieces are also clean. Otherwise, there will be smudges. Smudges are visible on the screen, which in turn will make your pieces look inelegant. At the shoot, you must have a jewelry cleaner ready. Make sure that you are using non-abrasive cleaning solutions. If you can, you may want to have a jewelry specialist on standby.

Photography Mistake #2: Not Being Consistent with Lighting

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In photography, consistency is everything. As you are using the output for e-commerce purposes and brochures, you should make sure that each photo has the same level of elegance and vibe. That is something that you can do through proper lighting. You have to make sure that the lighting across all the materials is the same. If the discrepancy cannot be helped, you can always turn to a reputable provider of e-commerce product image editing services.

Photography Mistake #3: Flashy Backgrounds

While you have a theme for your campaign, you need to control yourself from being overboard. You may be tempted to use flashy and ostentatious backgrounds, but make sure that the amount of display you will put is tolerable. The focus should be on the jewelry. Otherwise, your pieces will be drowned by your background. One exception is that when you are actually using brutalist aesthetics your jewelry pieces are actually more visually powerful than the background.

Photography Mistake #4: Reflections are Visible

There are certain distractions that can take away the beauty of your products, and one of them is the reflections on the pieces. You can avoid this dilemma when you have good lighting. You can use white backgrounds that will be mirrored by the jewelry and do not forget to use double lights to add more brightness to the background.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to shoot your jewelry pieces gracefully. Make sure that you work with specialists to avoid costly mistakes.

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