What You Probably Shouldn’t Be Doing On Your Android

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These days, smartphones are everywhere. They are becoming more and more affordable each year. Accessories like screen protectors and pop sockets are made to add a layer of protection. In effect, owners are also getting more careless.

Despite manufacturers’ efforts to make the phone resistant to damage, they can’t make it out of diamond. With technology evolving every second and software overpowering current operating systems, Android phones are likely to need a repair now and then; whether you’re in Manhattan, New York or American Fork, Utah.

Though it should already be common knowledge by now, Android phones just happen to be built sturdier compared to Apple phones. However, even with the developers’ never-ending pursuit of the perfect phone, Android is not impervious to malware or invincible to a great fall.

Given all of this, you might be guilty of being a little careless with your phone. Sometimes, you might even be doing it unknowingly. So here are a few reminders to help you steer clear of lousy phone care practices:

1. Leaving it plugged in overnight.

After a long and tiring day, you just want to get home, take a nice shower, and relax on your bed. You go on your phone to relax until you run low on battery. Right before you go to sleep, you decide that there won’t be any harm done in charging your phone while you sleep so it can be full when you need it in the morning – besides the fire hazard, of course. However, leaving your smartphone plugged in can harm its battery.

Since the phone is designed to carry out functions even when locked, it’ll consume some amount of battery charge. This also means that the charger will keep trying to fill in those consumed charges back to one hundred percent. In the long run, it will eventually deteriorate the battery’s capacity.

2. Downloading apps without researching them.

man using his phoneThese days, almost anyone out there can learn how to make an app. It’s the reason why there are a ton of bad ones that are just spammed with advertisements and yet, these are being downloaded.

However, more advanced programmers – the evil ones specifically, would try to take advantage of you by installing malware on to your phone when you download their applications. This is especially true to Android users who can download and install APKs for apps that are exclusive to the iOS store. Doing a quick Google search on that app that you’re oh so interested in downloading wouldn’t hurt anyone.

3. Exposing your smartphone to any type of extreme.

When a manufacturer develops a phone, they are usually mindful of the ideal climate for their units. A perfect example of this is how quick iPhones heat up in the Philippines compared to America. The same goes how a phone that was manufactured for the tropical climate tends to restart when it’s introduced into a cold environment. Going beyond prescribed limits can also be harmful. For example, taking a “waterproof” smartphone deeper than its prescribed limit.

Being mindful of small things such as this can save you a ton of money in repair. You might be doing one of these, maybe all, or maybe a lot more. Regardless, taking small cautionary steps can prolong your phone’s life.

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