Ways to Sell a Fixer-upper

When selling a fixer-upper in Colorado, you do not expect to get a large sum for it. In your heart of hearts, you know that serious buyers will capitalize on its questionable structural integrity and less attractive aesthetics to negotiate for a lower price as much as possible.

Nevertheless, you might need some work, but you can still receive your asking price if you play your cards right. Below are the things you should do to make it happen.

Think About Your Target Buyers

Investors who are willing to pay quick cash for homes in Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, as well as residential buyers who do not qualify for a considerable loan usually, represent the market for fixer-uppers. You can try to make your property appealing to both groups of buyers, but focusing on just one allows you to price your house right.

If you want to close the deal as much as possible, be prepared to accept a lowball offer to lure investors who intend to flip your fixer-upper and turn a profit. If you are not that desperate and can afford to wait a more extended period, you can bide your time until the highest bidder who wants to turn your crumbling abode to a place of residence comes along.

Sell It Yourself

The services of Realtors or real estate agents certainly are advantageous, but they do not work for free. A licensed real estate professional will take a sizeable commission that can eat into the proceeds of the property sale. To keep 100% of the payment, be ready to handle the process yourself.

Accentuate the Highlights

Your house might not be exactly habitable, but it has attractive features for sure. Underscore the positives that separate it from the rest to emphasize its potential.

Be Honest About the Flaws

You are listing your property as a fixer-upper, so there is no point to sugarcoat its weaknesses. Your buyers have to take home improvement into account to demand a fair price, and it is crucial to be transparent to win their trust and confidence.

If you do not want to advertise the ugly side of your house too much, be forthcoming when asked about the repairs it needs. A serious buyer will appreciate your honesty, which can help alleviate any doubt as to whether it is hiding some dark, costly secrets.

Put a Premium on Presentation

Selling your home in “as is” condition is all about perception. Although you should not renovate it anymore since you are already planning to get rid of it, clean it as much as possible to put it in a good light.

Research Comparable Properties on the Market

magnifying glass on a red miniature house

Nail the pricing of your house to make it a hot commodity among other fixer-uppers on the market. Do your research to know the asking price of other sellers. To widen your pool of prospects, price your property between five and ten thousand dollar increments, for these natural price points are compelling.

A fixer-upper can be an unwanted asset, but it still it has significant value. Considering that there is low property inventory across America, take advantage of the high property demand to receive a handsome check for it.

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